Some Growth Hacking moments i see throughout the day …

Simple strategies companies use to scale

Driving Growth and engagement is the most important thing for any business and this is not an easy job at all ;). This article looks into some of the daily life moments i encountered and have been an inspiration for many growth hacking experiments.

All credit to the masterminds behind these wonderful strategies. Happy Reading :)

How people sent whatsapp messages like above to spread the word and multiply reach
Few days after i had searched amazon for bike accessories
How Quora prompted me to contribute more today
How pocket drived me to go back to the site today

How some companies growth hacked

A simple hack to increase followers, check box with follow checkmarked by default.
Udemy growing their network
A snapshot of flip board stories, prompting me to read.
Two days after i bought my first course on Udemy
Twitter is waiting for me to come back to show me notifications :)
How ACT scales their user base

All the great growth hackers out there, just watch out for these moments, this might inspire you for your next big growth hacking experiment. Happy experimenting :) .