The best two pieces of advice i will give to all aspiring PM’s from my career journey would be:

* Make your Why clear: Write down why you wanted to be a PM. You often have to answer this to yourself multiple times in your career 🙂

  • Understand PMing is not a job, but a lifestyle: Which means that as a PM you need to prepare your mindset to learn from anything & everything you do. That is the best way you can be a better PM.

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We often underestimate the power of hobbies.

But the power of them in your career can be amazing.

Some of the hobbies that i pursued which has helped me through my product management career are 👇🏻

Mentoring : Meeting new people / Improving my communication skills / Forming connection between my thoughts

Doing workshops / Seminars: Structuring my learnings

Writing: Documenting my thoughts and strategies

Investing : Closely learning about different companies and their business models

Playing football / Cycling: Keeping myself fit

Creating reels on Instagram : Story telling

What hobbies do you pursue✌️

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Source: Internet

You are an active Artificial Intelligence contributor.

In fact, you train AI every single day.



Remember those Captchas, Recaptchas, and Select images with street sign prompt?

These are ways to identify if you are a human being + it is also a crowdsourcing mechanism to train AI systems

When you type that word, say that it is a bike or car.

It indirectly trains the AI systems.


This is just one example of how you contribute to training AI every single day.

There are many other instances where our collective intelligence is used by different companies to train AI systems.

Do you know any other such examples? Do share in the comments below👇.

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Overthinking is a very common trait for Product managers 🤔 .

But beyond a point, it might affect your mental health.

So when you are overthinking about a project or a situation, keep these 6 tips in mind 👇.

◼ Do a root cause analysis and take action wherever necessary.
◼ Prioritize! Prioritize! Prioritize!
◼ Approach everything with an experimentation mindset.
◼ Remind that it’s ok to make mistakes.
◼ Believe that you cannot control the past, but you can control the future with a proper strategy in place.
◼ Say to yourself that, things can work out better than you think.

Any other tips?

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