The Fermi Paradox and the Meaning of Life

The reason the aliens are not here is because we are living in a simulation, which resolves the Fermi paradox, since the aliens who are running our simulation exist. If we did have aliens strutting around, the Fermi paradox would not arise but there would be no way to disprove that we might be living in a simulation (though Stephen Baxter has calculated that we might need to explore space atleast a 100 light years deep to disprove the Simulation hypothesis by overloading any possible simulator capacity of aliens in our Universe). In any case, each of our lives and the people we encounter in it have intrinsic meaning and purpose:)

Another resolution of the Fermi paradox (proposed by Alan Stern) is that most life throughout the Universe is trapped in deep ocean worlds frozen over with thick ice sheets. In that case we are lucky to have land to walk on and should enjoy and be grateful our days in the Sun breathing relatively fresh air!