Week 1. Lima.

What a week! We left NYC on Independence day, no other reason than the fact that flights are half the price. 😊🇺🇸

We arrived safely but without a suitcase (the kids shoes) and ready to meet with many amazing people who are already doing a lot to improve education in Peru. We are staying with my (Hazel) family so the kids are feeling at home between swimming lessons and visits to the park with their uncles Bruno, Braulio, Al, and their cousin Nicolas whom they adore.

All the gypsies are now together, with Julia who has been in Lima for a few months now. We are trying out the sprint method to define success and milestones/responsibilities. And it is working out really well. This week we accomplished to define our social media strategy, launch our weekly report via a newsletter, and visit a school and a few events happening in the ed space. We also played a lot and visited with many friends! All super excited and supportive.

Alani has created another story on video and we can’t be more proud of her commitment to this project. Amaia is posting her experience on her Instagram and Snapchat.

We visited Colegio Villa Per Se, and attended the opening of a library in a public school by 1 Millón de Niños Lectores. We also were interviewed by El Comercio’s magazine Viú, focused on women entrepreneurs, and had the pleasure of brainstorming with Somos Magazine’s Editor Rafaella Leon on an article of the future of Ed. This conversation was super enlightening.

Our reflections of the week below…

Colegio Villa Per Se

Grandma Gypsy’s friend Sergio Kostritsky spoke to us about Pedagogía 300 which hosts an amazing methodology called Asiri, which means “smile” in the Inca dialect Quechua. Created by Ivette Carrión which is now being applied to many schools in Latam and Europe. This method is highly lived at Colegio Villa Per Se in Lima, founded by Fernando Farah, whose inspiration was to help teenagers live a fuller less complicated life.

Grandma and Mom gypsies visited the school along with kids, but before the tour we were invited to a chacras workshop designed for parents to be able to teach kids about energy. It was an incredible window into the school.

At the time of the tour/interview 2 members of the Asiri method, Hernan and Soila, joined Fernando. While our kids played and were welcomed into the classrooms to participate, we spoke about the mind-blowing things happening there.

Highlights of the school: The space has been designed to follow sacred geometry (classrooms have hexagon shapes) and kids own their learning each day. Kids are able to explore different learning corners, from cooking to math and from art to carpentry. Kids are in tune with their physical, mental and energy bodies. They learn to explore problems and solve them in teams. They also practice meditation and do agriculture as part of their weekly routines. Teachers are trained in the Asiri method and are allowed creative freedom to mobilize kids’ needs as they see fit.

What is the purpose of learning?: For kids to learn to love life.

Methodology: Asiri focuses on the key principles: Feel. Do. Think. Every week kids go through this cycle in which via 15 projects per year they learn 14 different professions/skills; from carpentry to astronomy and from agriculture to engineering.

My Favorite quote from Fernando: I am helping kids shift their mindset from asking “why this happens” to “what does this happen for” to be able to find their purpose in this world.

The kids will be attending the school this Tuesday and Thursday to experience it first hand. We will have their reflection on next week’s report.

1 Millón de Niños Lectores

Diego Salazar invited us to visit the opening of the first library in a Public School in the Miraflores district in Lima. This accomplishment was driven by the 1 Millón de Niños Lectores, an initiative that is trying (successfully) to give access to 1 million kids in Peru to books and their profound ability to change a kid’s future.

Teresa Boullon founded the project, that is bringing together politicians, private companies and individuals, to invest in improving the future of a country where 7 out of 10 kids can’t read or don’t fully understand what they read. (wow)

It was impactful to hear a kid celebrate with another “we can take this book home!” after they were given one book each to commemorate the opening of the library.

There are 7 million kids in Peru, and Teresa’s goal is to put a book in the hands of each and every one of them. And the power of imagination and creativity on every one’s head.

I [hazel] will spend this week in Mexico City with Hyper Island‘s client Nielsen and my amazing team! I will stay one extra day and want to visit either a school or meet interesting people in the Ed space; if you know anyone please let me know!

Every week we are posting the top photos of the week on Google Photos. Check out this week’s here.