Why we are leaving New York (temporarily) to learn about learning.

Working with Executives from all over the world, we realized they all have one thing in common: They need to learn to learn again.

The participants in our Hyper Island workshops, are very successful professionals; many of them experts in their fields and industries, whose inner creative child, unfortunately, got lost on their way to maturity.

We often wonder how easily we agree with the small type in the growing up contract. We unquestionably part ways with some of the most fundamental (and most fascinating) skills of being a child: our imagination, creativity and curiosity.

We’ve witnessed through our children the essential role these skills play in discovering the world, interacting and learning. And yet, somewhere between our first love and our last review we lose them.

Why? What happens?

Sir Ken Robinson, and others blame the education system.

Many believe those skills are exclusive to the privilege “creative” profession. While many think that there is no room for child’s play in a serious professional world.

We don’t know the answer. We really don’t.

But before anything else, we are optimists. We believe we can find the right answer to this question, but most importantly, it starts with finding the right question.

One that looks forward, instead of backwards:

What learning environment do we need to create for our kids to learn the necessary skills to be useful in a new societal context?

To answer this question, we are going to travel around the world with our kids Alani, Amaia, Iker; and Julia, who will homeschool them. We call our big adventure The Learning Gypsies.

Our Logo!

During this journey, we’ll visit the most innovative schools and learn from their teachers and principals. We also want to speak with parents and students attending the most underprivileged schools in the most remote areas. We’ll attend conferences and interview educators, psychologists and even neuroscientists. We want to talk to those building online platforms, textbook publishers and the officials developing education policies. We’ll observe how kids learn in Asia and Latin America, and how kids play in New York and in Madrid. We want to know from anybody with an opinion about how learning needs to happen in 2022.

Our goal is to understand and identify guidelines that can help schools, teachers and parents to provide a positive impact in the kid’s learning life.

Our mission is to learn, so we can help.

We will Tweet, Medium, Instagram, Facebook and podcast everything we see. Every school we visit, every interview, and every learning, so you can come along with us in our journey, which you can track in our hub!

If you’d like to support our journey, please join our GoFundMe campaign every donation will get us closer to realizing this big dream.


hazel swayne and Iñaki escudero

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