A simple guide for anyone who wants to learn ethical hacking

A screenshot from the famous exploitation tool: Metasploit framework

Cybersecurity is a very important part of our world. We read very often news about data leaks that sometimes sadly include our own personal data. You can even check the website if your email appears in any data leak.

As a web developer, I know a few security tricks and sometimes I do them automatically without a full understanding of why they must be done 🤔. Therefore, in order to build more secured Web apps I wanted to explore the world of ethical hacking. …

Learning how to draw Rakugaki, a Japanese drawing style

Four years ago, I started the 🚀, basically every 1 or 2 months I learn about a new topic and build something related to this topic. I don’t have a strict criteria to choose a topic, it depends on how I feel, the skills I want to develop, the new innovations to explore, or it can be just about my level of curiosity. As a developer and designer, I wanted to deepen my design skills. I thought that learning how to draw could help with that 🤔.

A few years ago, I went to a design fair…

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2020 has not been kind to anyone. It’s sh*tiness has not only affected people’s health but also their livelihoods.

The economy looks increasingly grim and friends all around me are finding themselves unemployed and looking for opportunities. As someone who has very recently gone through the job hunt process, I’d like to share some of the things I learned along the way for staying competitive within my industry — Tech. However, these learnings are applicable to any industry.

Step 1. Identify gaps in your knowledge which are relevant to your domain

The first question you should ask yourself is: what do I know and what things are still fuzzy? For example, I’m a…

#14 — Learning how to create a clean project with TypeScript following the SOLID principles

It has been 3 years where every month (or two) I learn about one new topic. It’s what I call the 🚀. This time I took a bit longer to learn about both the TypeScript language and the SOLID architecture.

As a developer, I constantly need to be updated with the latest technology, principles, and paradigms. I don’t necessarily need to master them but at least to know what they are so that I am able to jump easier on projects.

When I start a backend or full-stack project I usually go for Symfony (a well-known PHP…

#13 — A comparison between Flutter and NativeScript from the eye of a web developer

Two years ago I started the : to learn about one new topic every one or two months. The previous months, after learning about , I decided to learn the framework Flutter 🙌.

Flutter is a toolkit, made by Google, to build native apps for mobile (iOS and Android), web and even desktop with one codebase. My friend , challenged me to learn it with him. I didn’t want in the beginning since I am a Web developer, and also I recently learnt how to build mobile apps with . …

Happiness cannot be pursued. Every person must have a reason to “be happy.”

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In this article, I will write the lessons I got from the course in , which was recommended by my friend . It helps you to find out what things makes you happy and unhappy from a scientific point of view. By creating habits that make you do the actions that make you happy, and stop doing the ones that make you unhappy they demonstrate that everyone can increase their levels of happiness. You will find a lot of articles, researches, and experiments that support all their advice.

This article is part…

There are always choices to make and the only thing you need is to be aware of this fact

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In this article, I will write the lessons I got from the book Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl (a prisoner in a Nazi concentration camp) that through his experiences and from a psychotherapeutic point of view explains how everyone can find a meaning or purpose in life and gives advice about how to achieve this. This book was recommended to me by my friend .

This article is part of a bigger one where I try to define some rules to guide my life and actions. What I am really trying is to define my own Philosophy…

Without your own personal philosophy, you will end up living without direction

Philosophy of Life is an overall vision or attitude towards life and its purpose

Last October I quit my job at IBM as a developer. Last October I also finished my master studies in Artificial Intelligence. For the last 2 years, I had been working and studying full time. I had been also traveling and joining every event and activity there was like crazy. I think I had the famous feeling of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). I wanted to do everything at the same time and this was starting to burn me out. I became very anxious, nervous and stressed… I knew I had to put a stop to this lifestyle, so as…

Are modern vegan dishes missing something essential? How does it feel eating a vegan hot dog?

Hi 👋! I am Patricia Mayo Tejedor, together with Sandoche Adittane, we wrote the book . We are also the makers of , a website that helps you discover what locals eat all around the world. We think that we need to bring some traditional authentic vegan dishes back to popularity. We need to go tradivegan to solve the problem of current modern dishes. Want to know why? Continue reading 👇

The problem of vegan dishes

A dish is vegan when it does not contain food products of animal origin. Like vegetarians…

#12 — Understand what you eat for a better life

It has been 2 years where every month (or two) I learn about one new topic. It’s what I call the 🚀. These last two months I decided to learn about nutrition, a very broad topic trapped between the popular believes and the scientific papers.

You wonder why I decided to learn about nutrition? my answer is very simple: we spend our days working, eating and sleeping and I was strongly convinced that knowing how nutrition works and knowing better the food itself will help me prevent getting diseases and prevent me from going to the doctor…

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How to learn one topic every month

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