How to Taste Wine Like a Sir

#10 — The Secrets of Wine Tasting in just 10 minutes

Learning preparation

What is wine?


The Winemaking process — Source:

Storage & Temperature

How to taste wine?

Step 1. The look (the robe) 👀

The color of wine —

Step 2. The smell (the nose) 👃

Aromas of wines

Step 3. The taste (the mouth) 👄

A good wine is a wine with a good level of tannin, acidity, and sweet. It’s a balanced wine!

Step 4. The global feeling 🙃

Wine is like an opera. You can enjoy it, even if you don’t understand it

The new and the old world

Grape varieties

Wine & food pairing 🍷🧀

Improve your Wine expertise with Flashcards

Feedback from this learning month

What went well

What to improve

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