Centripetal Standardization:

Top-Down and Bottom-Up Vectors of Value Creation

Natalie Smolenski
Aug 15, 2016 · 25 min read
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1. Defining Standards and Standardization

1.1 Standards of Content and Standards of Exchange Value

1.2 Currency as Translating Idiom of Exchange

1.3 Grades and Credit Hours: Translating Idioms of Exchange

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The translation of skill acquisition into currency, and vice versa.

2. Content Standardization as a Process of Verification

2.1 Communities of Verification: Top-Down Vectors of Standardization

2.2 Communities of Impact: Bottom-Up Vectors of Standardization

2.3 Centripetal Standardization and the Power-Law Distribution

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Classic power-law distribution. Credit: Wikipedia.

2.4 Standardization Case Study: The DSM

3. Can Capability Content be Standardized?

3.1 Top-Down Standardization Efforts in Europe and the United States

3.2 A Few Bottom-Up Approaches

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Demo profile on the Kaggle platform, July 2016.
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Author’s profile on the SocArXiv platform, July 2016.

3.3 Standardization Is a Social Process That May or May Not Be Scientific


Learning Machine is now Hyland Credentials

Issue verifiable digital records. #blockchain

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