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Learning New Stuff

The Easy Way To Learn To Code

Three steps to gain a new superpower.

Step 1: Use it before you know it

Justin Mitchel’s Django course is a perfect ‘do before you understand’ tutorial.

The whole point of this step is to follow through the tutorial regardless of your confusions and lack of understanding.

1. Building from day one

My first ever Node.js server, which I have referred back to countless times.

2. Gives you sample code

3. Discover your unknown unknowns

Step 2: Address your struggles

If you’re learning React.js, this is probably where you’ll investigate properly what the difference between state and props is (which you can figure out here by the way).

Step 3: Build stuff

You don’t really learn anything about the technology until you start building stuff with it.

My first Ajax project, which I built in early 2015 with my team at Founders&Coders.
The course if 4 hours long and contains a ton of interactive exercises.



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