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Letter sent on Dec 3

Three articles to teach you CSS Grid

Dear Learning New Stuff follower. The last few weeks I’ve been taking a deep dive into the new CSS Grid layout module, as I’m working on a free course on the subject.

CSS Grid is a revolution for web developers, as it allows you to create complex layouts much more easily than ever before.

To help you get started with this new technology, I’ve written three articles on the subject.

I’d recommend you to read the two first articles in order, as the second one depends on knowledge from the first one. The third article is not a tutorial, but it explains the benefits of CSS Grid compared to Bootstrap.

1. Learn CSS Grid in 5 minutes

2. How to prototype websites quickly with CSS Grid

3. Why CSS Grid is better than Bootstrap for creating website layouts

My free CSS Grid course on Scrimba.com will be launched in mid-December. However, if you want access to the course before everyone else, just leave your email here.

Click the image if you want to see preview of the upcoming course:


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