In Praise of Seymour Papert, the father of AI

Seymour Papert

A huge influence on my career & thoughts on learning

Thanks for sharing this.

Seymour was a huge influence on my life also. I had the opportunity to drive him around England when I was 18. I worked for a British micro-computer manufacturer & we had just ported one of the first versions of LOGO. Seymour was giving talks based on his Mindstorms book at a variety of universities whilst I would demo LOGO.

I can honestly say that those hours spent driving Seymour around the country are why I work at the intersection between technology & learning today. I continue to believe in the notion of constructionism & learning as a reconstruction of knowledge rather than a transmission.

Seymour was a great inspiration to me & many people, his legacy will live on in us.

February 29, 1928 — July 31, 2016