Sprint #3

Here is what I built.

It’s a weather app that finds your location with the browser and pulls the data from an external API.


The Journey

So last week I bit off a lot more than I could chew, so this week I scaled it back a little and focused on learning some of the basics. I had a lot of extra time this week with the holiday so I got to work on a lot of those basics.

I finally learned how to integrate external APIs into my projects! I learned how to parse JSON objects. I learned more jQuery magic like geolocation and other cool stuff. I even brushed up a little on my Bootstrap. I learned a lot!

FreeCodeCamp.com is an amazing resource! It is pretty much 100% hands on. They don’t have you watch a bunch of dumb videos or anything like that. It was just the nitty gritty nuts and bolts It also has projects you can do from scratch to apply the skills that you just learned and really make them stick. The community is also really supportive and conducive to actually making real progress and becoming a full stack developer at the end of the day.

It is also mobile optimized which means that instead of browsing social media when I am bored and have a few spare minutes, I can actually put that time towards learning to code.

Coding with a phone’s keyboard has been slow, but that has actually helped me be more deliberate and methodical.

The Project

Building the weather app was fun. I learned about codepen.io which does a much better job off hosting my HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for my projects than Google Drive.

I realized that I am pretty bad at front end stuff with Bootstrap and overall design. I think that the only way to fix that is to just do a lot of front end projects so that is what I’m going to do this week.

Also I went and hung out with the guys at Izeni on Thursday night and learned a ton from them. I think I’ll do that a few more times this week as well.

Anyways I’m excited about what I did this week and I’m stoked to tackle this weeks challenges.

Wish me luck!