An Open Letter to #MTBoS

Looking for Help Shifting Mindsets

Dear Math Twitter Blog o’Sphere,

Most of you don’t know who I am, but I spend a lot of time reading as your blogs and follow all (or at least what I think is all) of you amazing math teachers on Twitter. The things you do in your classrooms are fantastic and you will not find a bigger fan than myself.

This year is my first year as an administrator and I’m working with the math department. I’m sure you've found that too many math classes (other than your own of course) are too teacher centered. I would like to change this; students should have more control and voice in class (and taught with awesome Mathalicious-like lessons).

So I’m reaching out to the best.

What have you found to be the catalyst that helped either change your mindset/practice or helped change a ‘traditional’ teacher into one that cultivates relationships and student choice?

I know what worked for me (it was truly the power of your blogs and one physics training using a lot of hands on equipment) but I’m also a physics guy, so I’m weird, and I personally just happen to embrace change.

In my mind, “It’s the instruction, stupid” ( but I’m afraid 5 minutes of Steve won’t fix all the problems

I’m tired of reading and hearing from “experts” who I do not necessarily view as true instructional gurus. Again, that’s why I’m reaching out to you.

Thank you for reading. I am not afraid to pay for one (or more) of you to consult with me and my team if you’re interested in a more formal gig, but I’ll also accept pro bono work via tweets and blog posts. :)