Enhancing Learning Experiences with LIFESMART Tools and Practices

Jun 20 · 3 min read

LIFESMART can be used to enhance learning from any source. Learning in traditional classroom environments, distance learning, and other learning experiences can be enhanced through a systematic application of LIFESMART tools and techniques. This article shows how we are enhancing our coding experience with LIFESMART tools and techniques.

While HashHackCode’s immersion model provides a means for quickly developing functional web development skills, there are two ways in which our LIFESMART approach is helping Ananth learn better. The LIFESMART 100-Day project is used to develop a systematic and targeted practice approach to reinforce learning from our HashHackCode experience. We are also using the LIFESMART kit to document the web development workflow. An explicit map of the workflow that we can view and discuss daily after practice is an important tool for Ananth. Such practices may be particularly important for neuro-diverse learners. Visual maps are an important tool for Ananth to think about and discuss ideas.

Ananth was able to navigate the Creative Coding Foundations without using these tools extensively. However, we are finding these LIFESMART tools and practices to be invaluable in his professional web development journey.

Text from Code with Ananth website (under development)

I. Learning with HashHackCode

I started learning coding with HashHackCode in May 2020. I learned HTML and CSS in the ten levels of the Creative Coding Foundations course. In June 2021, I completed the second level of professional web development. In professional web development, I learned professional workflows for building websites.

I developed the LIFESMART website as my first client project. I gathered information from community members. I organized this information on LIFESMART webpages. Finally, I learned how to upload the web pages to a public server. I also learned to use Pixlr to optimize web graphics.

II. Improving Practice with the 100-Day Project

The immersion experience with HashHackCode helped me learn the professional web development workflow quickly. I also got the experience of building a detailed website. Now, I am doing a 100-day project to gradually practice different skills. Each day I work on one section of one of my websites. I am practicing adding and modifying content in one section of a webpage daily. A systematic and consistent practice workflow is important for reinforcing learning. I am gaining confidence in professional web development through systematic practice.

Click on a day in my LIFESMART 100-Day Coding notebook below to see what I practiced each day. Initially, the box for each day is shown in blue (daily learning). Once completed, I change the color to pink.

III. Improving Practice with the LIFESMART Kit

I use the LIFESMART kit to document the workflow for my 100-Days of practice project. This workflow is based on the professional web development workflow that I learned from HashHackCode. However, it focuses on specific projects that I am doing. The kit has posts-its of five colors (Possibilities/ Objectives (yellow), Daily Learning (blue), SMART projects (orange), Capacities and Resources (green), and Progress (pink). I paste post-its of the appropriate color on a notepaper and attach the note paper in a notebook. The workflow represents oru capacity to coordinate and do activities. Hence, I started with a set of notepapers with green post-its to show the workflow.


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Implement Learning projects, pursue Interests, interact with Family members, and Engage communities electronically