It’s time to experiment

We’re transitioning from research to development. Based on the insights we’ve gleaned from our interviews, research, and class observation, we brainstormed a set of ideas and prioritized these based on several criteria. (Posts coming soon on our learnings and our decision criteria…)

We’re narrowing in on project-based learning that:

  • makes students more motivated to learn materials
  • encourages students to enjoy and improve at the act of learning
  • fosters social and emotional skills
  • reduces behavioral issues (that often arise when students are bored)
  • provides more support to students who need more assistance
  • allows students to move at their own pace
  • does not add time/effort to lesson planning

This is a lot to accomplish! We’re going to develop and test pieces of this in the lightest weight way possible so that we can adapt and learn as we go. We’re hoping to partner up with teachers to try out some very simple, low/no-tech prototypes of these projects in the classroom.

Stay tuned to hear how our experiments go. :)

If you know any K-12 teachers, please ask them to fill out this quick 5-minute survey on our behalf!

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