Overcoming Technological Change and Pressure

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2 min readApr 29, 2023


What are the first thoughts that spring to mind when we hear the word “pressure”?

  • What is the pressure of?
  • Who will be able to withstand this pressure?

These and other basic questions will be raised. In reality, the answers to these questions will allow us to conduct a more concentrated examination of the issue.

Dealing with the Pressure of What

  1. Technological change and development pressure
  2. Financial issues exert pressure
  3. Health issues
  4. Artificial Intelligence (AI)-generated pressure

Who will be able to withstand this pressure?

In this post, I will concentrate on folks who work as software developers. People working on the Frontend in particular.

Of course, within a certain logic, we may build on the preceding factors and human profile. Because there are challenges that might be related to a variety of reasons and positions.

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  1. Introduction
  2. Dealing with the Pressure of What?
  3. Who will be able to withstand this pressure ?
  4. Pressure Factors
  • The Impact of Technological Change
  • Pressure from the Financial Recession
  • Health Issues and the Pressures They Cause
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Pressures

5. How Do We Deal With Change and Stress?

  • English
  • Mental Model
  • Real Learning (Deep Learning)
  • Working with Good Teams
  • Create Your Own Methods
  • General Knowledge with a Specialty
  • Fundamental Operating Principles
  • Understanding the Cause and Effect Relationship as well as its History
  • Understanding Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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