Quora for Business: A 3 Step Guide to Derive more ROI Using Power of Google

Did you know that Quora attracts 300+ million visitors a month and 85% of the traffic to the site is from Google? That makes it one of the most trusted sources of knowledge and expert advice available online. If you are a marketer, you can leverage the channel by doing one of these:

  1. Build expertise and authority on your chosen topic
  2. Learn from others — users, customers, industry experts
  3. Answer questions about your product
  4. Find out the questions people are asking about your product or industry

Source: Beginner’s Guide to Quora by Buffer

But once you start exploring Quora for questions around your product/service, you will realize that there are hundreds of questions across multiple topics. How do you know which questions to prioritize and answer first? Which questions will start driving traffic to your site?

Here’s a simple process which has helped us prioritize our time and energy while using Quora as a traction channel for VWO, a leading A/B testing and conversion optimization platform.

1. Identify keywords (topics) to target

Create a list of all the short and long tail keywords related to your product or service. Go berserk in brainstorming. You could even share the list with your colleagues from product team to get their inputs.

Once the list is filled with tons of keywords of all shapes and sizes, it's time to prioritize and shortlist. We use Google Keyword planner to do this. Copy and paste the complete list into the tool and look at the search volume. Any keyword with a search volume above 30 a month is worth investing time on.

2. Categorize keywords across the buyer’s journey

Have you heard of the TOFU, MOFU and BOFU funnel stages? If not, here’s a quick look. It is a good way of looking at your marketing funnel from the buyer’s point of view. Look at your list of keywords and categorize each of them into the three main buckets: awareness (Top of the Funnel), consideration (Middle of the Funnel) and conversion (Bottom of The Funnel).

This will allow you to map the Quora questions to your business goals across the funnel (eg. Visits to website/Subscribers to blog/Free trial signups).

3. Search the keywords on Google and shortlist if a Quora question shows on the first page

Now you need to do some grunt work. Conduct google searches for the keywords you have prioritized in Step 1 and 2. If a Quora question shows up as a result for a keyword, you know you need to answer that.

Let’s take an example. If I search for ‘best a/b testing software’, a Quora question shows up at the 3rd position:

VWO needs to be there! After the process is iterated for every keyword in our list, here’s a screenshot from our spreadsheet:

As I am writing this, our team is in the process of answering questions across the buyer’s journey. I will share the impact on our traffic after a month showcasing how the efforts are bearing fruit.

The process I have described here is a quick and easy way to identify questions on Quora that have the highest probability to drive traffic to your site. Give it a try and do leave a comment below if you see value in it.

PS: Before you start answering any question on Quora, do give this a read: What are the best practices for answering Quora questions?

Special thanks to Matthew John for pricking my mind to think about this as a process.