Let’s Eat Code Kite Repeat!

Wijnand Karsens
Jan 20, 2018 · 4 min read

Eat Code Kite Repeat is a global community for digital nomads, entrepreneurs and software developers that share a passion for extreme sports and adventure. We strive for deep work in flow state and living a stoked lifestyle by designing the perfect environment to make this possible.

We are in the early stages, but are planning on organizing events all around the world for people that share this vision. Join our community, wherever you are!

Between september and december 2017, We had a house in Tarifa! In the future, we’re going to iterate on this in Cape Town. It’s also possible to set up your own Coliving House through our facebook group. This group is a central place to connect with other nomadic entrepreneurs & software developers with similar hobbies!


LECKR means “Let’s eat code kite repeat”, but you should see the broader meaning of it. Let’s invest in ourselves, work hard, play hard, and do it consistently.

LECKR.io is a cooperative that focusses on Data-Driven Cross-Platform Native Mobile Apps. For this state of the art technologies are used, namely React Native, Apollo GraphQL and Node JS.

You may ask… What is a cooperative? I didn’t know it myself until recently, but according to Wikipedia, it’s “an autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly-owned and democratically-controlled enterprise”. Pretty cool, huh?

So what are our common economic, social and cultural needs and aspirations?

  1. Become the best in our field
  2. Use these skills to do something meaningful and get paid for it
  3. Live healthy, adventurous lives
  4. Make the world a better place

Are you in?

The background story


The problem I am trying to solve is very simple: to be productive in a holiday environment. In Tarifa, the majority of people I interacted with the first week of being here were tourists that came here for a few days or a week to take a few kite-lessons and party. It’s great to hang out with these people, but not very stimulating for your work, especially if you live with them under the same roof. Hey Wijnand, let’s go party tonight. Hey Wijnand, why don’t you come to the beach with us! Hey Wijnand, shall we go and get pizza at that restaurant again? Hey Wijnand, let’s relax on the rooftop and put some music…. You get it… Lunch is at 4PM and dinner at 11PM. Breakfast is somewhere in the PM as well.

Of course, you can be very disciplined and say no every time, but this can take a lot of energy because it’s hard to say no to these kinds of things all the time when what you really want to do is say yes and do it.

It’s really hard to be productive in a holiday environment like Tarifa.


The solution: minimize distractions and find like-minded people with similar rhythms, intentions, and goals.

Live together with these people and put the same schedule in practice.

My goal is the following: work 8 hours and kite 2 hours. Every. Single. Day.


The idea is that everyone in the house has the same rhythm, intentions and goals… or at least a really similar one

7:00–8:00 [EAT] Wake up & start morning routine. For me this involves 15–25 minutes of exercises & meditation, 15–25 minutes of shower & self-care and then a coffee & breakfast. It can potentially be combined with Spanish audio courses.

8:00–16:00 [CODE] Start working at 8AM. Code in 2-hour sessions until 4PM. Lunch has to be quick and should barely take any time. This makes it possible to work 8 hours straight. It is very important that everybody starts at 8 because this is the hardest part and takes a lot of discipline, especially in such an environment. It’s very easy not to do it.

16:00–21:00 [KITE] Go kiting & chill on the beach. This should take minimal preparation. If the house is full, sharing a car is essential for saving money and going to the spot quickly. Cycling takes 40 minutes and is rather heavy with a board and everything. It’s not necessary to kitesurf more then two hours a day. I’m on a bike so it takes 40 minutes to get there, and it takes 20 minutes to start. So if I want to kitesurf 2 hours, it takes 4 hours total. Add one hour for a break & chill session and you have 5 hours. That means I’ll be back at 8PM

21:00 [REPEAT] Preferably you don’t want to waste any time with doing groceries, making dinner, doing the dishes and stuff. Living in a hostel or going out can save a huge amount of time wasted compared to living alone. However, there is another solution. Cooking & eating together! There should be a clear schedule. Every day someone should take responsibility and prepare something. 21:30 dinner should be ready. This takes one person out of the house one hour of preparation so he/she should leave the kite-spot earlier.

From 22:00 everyone in the house goes to do their own things again. This involves planning the next day, reading, calling friends, learning Spanish, relaxing, dating, or having a beer in the old-town. The last one is very dangerous for the next day, so it should be minimized to only once or twice a week to remain productive every single day.

Wijnand Karsens

Written by

I am a programmer, writer and entrepreneur. Read more from me on http://karsens.com/



App Development cooperative for adventurous people

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