LCF Spring 2022 — Applications opening & first Partners reveal

6 months in, Le Crypto Fellowship is a blazing success

In September 2021, Frst (French seed-specialist VC) and Fabric Ventures (European Web3 VC) joined forces to create Le Crypto Fellowship. The program provided 10 ambitious tech-friendly people with the money (€100k each), guidance and network they needed to learn & experiment around web3 with a free spirit, and to push them to build a product.

Six months later, almost all fellows have a very clear view of what they want to bring to the world. Several are already live, serving users and hiring, and in discussions with Tier 1 investors for their next round: where web3 careers start. It’s a web3 professional reputation platform. Collect badges & referrals to get jobs at the coolest startups & DAOs — Built by Wojtek a NFT composability system based on fundamental elements called briqs that can be combined to create more complex structures. One the first games building on Starknet and received a grant from Starkware — Built by Sylve & Lancelot

Narval: a marketplace for lending & borrowing productive gaming NFTs — Built by Gregory

Trustblock: a decentralized marketplace that handles the entire audit delivery flow between auditors and clients through not-owned & autonomous smart contracts — Built by Sacha

Boomerang: a Web3 tool that tracks interactions across applications, enabling you to engage and reward your community members — Built by Romana

Zilly: a social network connecting communities of builders in web3 and showcasing people’s contributions — Built by Kipit and Mikado

Bagu.eth: Bagu.eth, /bæ’get/, is a vibrant NFT-gated community of long term bakers — Built by Rick

and many more cool products in stealth mode 👀

Time to scale: LCF Spring 2022 applications are OPEN 🚪

We are so excited to announce the opening of applications for a new season of LCF, which will gather not 10 but 40 fellows!

It starts today and our target is to have the slots filled by end of March. We will be extending offers on a rolling basis by then, starting with a handful of extremely good unsolicited applications we received over the last weeks.

Details and application link are on LCF’s website:

We expect to have the slots filled by end of March. It’s a rolling process, it goes fast.

🚨 Basically, don’t dally to apply! 🚨

Calling in the Partners cavalry

In pure startup style, we started small and crafty and shipped early: Our mentors for Season 1 were people from Frst (Pierre), Fabric (Max Guillaume and Fynn), and Jeddi.

For Season 2, we will be joined by two dozens of Partners: Top founders and operators from Tier 1 web3 organizations, willing to share their time, expertise and networks on a weekly basis with 1 or 2 fellows.

Here are the first thirteen:

We already shook hands with several others whose names will be shared over the next days, but kept a dozen of slots open for applicants we don’t know already.

If you feel you are the right fit for a Partner position, apply here!

(PS1: CEOs love us, don’t worry. We will be happy to explain him/her why it’s a great idea to allow you to participate! PS2: We know you value money less than equity, so there is no money but a lot of equity involved!) — See you on the other side🔥



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