Le Crypto Fellowship is on fire

3 months ago, Frst (French seed-specialist VC) and Fabric Ventures (European crypto-specialist VC) announced a joint project: Le Crypto Fellowship — providing 10 ambitious technical people in France with €100k each to allow them to learn & experiment around crypto with a free spirit, and to push them to build a product.

Le Crypto Fellowship hit an underserved market and in a few days we received more than 350 applications of very high quality. Every Tier 1 French startup was represented, often several times. Limiting the choice to 10 has been insanely difficult as we could easily have picked 3x more people.

It was so hard to limit to 10 individuals that we actually didn’t manage to: among the many people who reached out post deadline, 2 were so awesome that we had no choice. They will be joining the crew in the next few days.

We spent the summer ironing out the legal aspects with our friends at Orrick (thanks Ben & Vincent for supporting our legal deliriums!) and the program officially started on September 1 2021.

A few weeks in, our Discord group is buzzing and we are already blasted with the Fellows’ progress: several of them have products about to be launched in the next few days, which wasn’t supposed to happen so early at all. Turns out the combination of Crypto and unhindered entrepreneurial spirit is WILD.

But enough talking, please meet the Season 1 Fellows (as described by themselves):


Mission-driven technologist and alumni of 42 Silicon Valley, previously worked as a software engineer. Now focusing on building decentralized worlds and games.

Mikado & Kipit

The twin brothers: we are Kipit and Mikado, recent graduate from 42 and EPFL. We focus on building tools that allow DAOs to reach their full potential by better leveraging their human and financial resources.


Software engineer and ex cofounder of the software development agency Deltologic. Works on professional decentralized identities & enabling freelancers to take ownership over their careers. On a mission to provide equal economic opportunities to workers from San Francisco and Poznań. More to come soon here.


Romana is a marketer and community strategist with a background in economics. Following her time at MLG Blockchain, ConsenSys and Serotonin, she’s now building marketing tools that Web3 companies can leverage to engage and grow their communities.

Sylve & Lancelot

Bound by their peculiar names and their time at HEC, Sylve (ex-product manager @Ledger) and Lancelot (data scientist & open-source game developer) have teamed up work on the intersection between blockchain technology and gaming.


Ex-option trader & McKinsey consultant, focused on accelerating crypto adoption by building bridges between TradFi and DeFi.


Sama is a french engineer passionate about the intersection of cybersec and crypto. He chose not to disclose more about him at the moment.


Alumni of 42 and cofounder of 42Entrepreneurs. Previously worked for an NGO advocating freedom of expression in the digital space. Now exploring the intersection between social good and the crypto space.

What’s next? LCF to the moon!

From an experiment, Le Crypto Fellowship is already a success, and we are definitely going to scale it across the French ecosystem in the coming years. Next season will happen soon and involve more Fellows, more partners, and a more custom organization.

Stay tuned, anon

Pierre, Max & Jeddi



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