InsurTech100 Global Awards

Julien Brissonneau
Ledger Investing


Congratulations to Ledger Investing for being recognized on the InsurTech100 list.

The InsurTech100 list recognizes the world’s leading 100 InsurTech companies across the globe, and we are honored to be included. Thank you to the team, our clients, supporters, and investors. We are proud to be recognized as one of the leading InsurTech companies and look forward to continuing to innovate and provide the best possible service to our clients.

InsurTech100 core question

Why is this a company that insurance firms need to know about?

The Ledger Investing answer

The insurance industry is in the midst of an unprecedented transformation, and Ledger Investing is at the forefront of this change. Ledger has built a marketplace to securitize insurance risk, which will have a profound impact on every process of every insurance firm from data entry to balance sheet. Until the 1980s, US mortgages were held on balance sheet by savings and loans. The mortgage-backed securities market emerged as a way to decouple mortgage lending from mortgage investing. Securitization today allows these mortgages to be held and traded by global investors, and the US MBS market is one of the largest and most liquid global fixed-income markets, with $11+ trillion of securities outstanding and $300+ billion in average daily trading volume.
The YCombinator insurtech startup Ledger Investing is now applying this same securitization model to the insurance industry with an all-in-one platform that unifies, analyzes, and distributes risk data. This marketplace for connecting insurance risk to capital is providing access to new capital and revolutionizing the insurance industry. The most forward-thinking investors and underwriters partner with Ledger, and casualty risk program administrators get direct access to long-term capacity with multi-year deals. Insurers are seeing increased returns on equity, lower earnings volatility, and greater capacity. With more than $500m of insurance premium securitized and the top 5 largest MGAs in the US partner with Ledger, our team is having the most impactful insurance disruption from the last 20 years. Ledger real-time transaction metrics are public.

Echoes with recent announcements

The award from InsurTech 100 echoes nicely with the recent announcement that Ledger became a 2022 YC Top Company!

The entire Ledger team is humbled by the recognition from these awards and conveys its excitement for building the next big thing!!

Create a new standard in insurance financing

Ledger is a technology company that is disrupting the financing of the insurance industry. Ledger Investing, Inc. and Ledger Capital Markets, LLC were formed to enable insurers to create substantial value by securitizing insurance risk while providing investors with an opportunity to invest directly in a new and growing asset class. We are backed by a combination of leading tech VCs and strategic insurance industry investors.

Our live premium tracker is publicly available.

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