Introducing Dark Mode

Aymeric Rabot
Ledger Investing
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2 min readFeb 1, 2019


We are excited to share a sneak peek of our most impressive update yet: Dark Mode.

Many of our product features, like placing orders, securely exchanging transaction documents, interacting with analytics visualization or ILS pricing tools, exploring insurance policy in a portfolio can be used directly from the Platform. We’ve recently made a number of updates to improve common workflows and to make it easier to manage your investments or monitor insurance portfolios.

Focusing on User Experience

We spent many iterations to get this right and apply fundamental Design Principles: contrast, colors, spacing, familiar navigation and actions.

Re-imagined Interactivity

Having added a lot of interactive visualizations over the past year in order to accommodate constant feeds of data from multiple databases. We worked closely with designers and data wranglers to revamp what we had from scratch.

We hope that these new updates help you do even more with Ledger Platform. These features were built based on feedback from our users, so if you have any ideas or flows you’d like us to improve, please let us know:

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