Ledger: Company Updates

Aymeric Rabot
Jan 27, 2019 · 3 min read

What’s in this post?
We have accomplished a lot over the past year. Let’s fly through together on what happened in our journey to disrupt insurance financing.

Ledger opens for Investors

In an effort to make Insurance Investing a mainstream asset class, we launched Ledger Capital Markets, our Broker-Dealer arm.

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Insurance Partnerships on All Continents

We have gone out of our way to promote securitization with carriers and brokers in Asia, Europe, Africa, and America. Although regulations and data reporting vary by country, we are hard at work building a standard that will make insurance investing mainstream for the rest of the world.

Groundbreaking Risk Forecasts

In 2018, we were deeply invested in researching solutions to forecast insurance underwriting loss ratio distributions. Looking at the US market over the past 30 years, we have benchmarked cutting-edge industry models and proprietary models across dozens of performance metrics.

Our new forecasting models offer several advantages over other models in the actuarial literature.

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Investing Platform Launch

Our Team focused a lot on making our findings and apps easily accessible on our platform. Request access and start exploring and investing insurance portfolios previously inaccessible on the capital markets.

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Successfully Financed an Auto Business

Texas-based insurance broker, AmWINS and Redpoint Insurance accessed capital from with AIG’s AlphaCat Managers using Ledger securitization standards and analytics technology.

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Growing Team

The Ledger Family has expanded in 2018 to take on new challenging projects. We will continue to onboard Data Scientists, Engineers, Designers, Capital Markets and Insurance Experts to make things people love.

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Ledger Investing

Engineering, Data Visualization and Finance

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