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4 min readSep 30, 2020


Ledger Investing has closed a $10 million Series A funding round

$10 million Series-A for Y Combinator Startup

We are delighted to announce our startup Ledger Investing has closed a $10 million funding round. The round was led by AllegisNL Capital with participation from prior investors: MassMutual Ventures, Signalfire, Accel, and Crosscut Ventures.

Ledger marketplace lowers the cost of capital for insurance risk, benefiting existing insurers, new insurance startups and consumers of insurance products.

Ledger is defining the new standard for matching insurance risk to capital. We combine data, analytics, and real-time computing to deliver unprecedented transparency, objectivity, and reliability in the rating of insurance risks to institutional investors. Standardized security structures provide a scalable platform to deliver investment opportunities that are uncorrelated to other asset classes.

Ledger provides MGAs (Managing General Agents) and brokers with a one-stop-shop and direct access to licensed insurers and capital. For insurers, Ledger provides access to flexible, lower-cost, off-balance-sheet capital that can both reduce risk on the balance sheet while increasing return on equity.

AllegisNL, MassMutual, and SignalFire were the Venture Capital Investors

“Ledger has now connected auto and workers compensation risks originated by more than fifteen MGAs to Capital from the ILS market. With this investment we can connect risk and capital at large scale,” said Samir Shah, Co-founder and CEO. “We have entered into strategic agreements with risk originators to place large blocks of casualty risks into the capital markets. Ledger has also entered into strategic agreements to provide paper and a balance sheet through which we can provide a one-stop-shop for flow into the capital markets.”

“Ledger is enabling a two-sided marketplace through the use of technology that will lower the cost of capital for insurance risk, benefiting existing insurers, new insurance startups and the consumers of insurance products”, shared Victor Westerlind, Partner of AllegisNL Capital. “Bringing down the costs this way has the opportunity to expand an already large, trillion-dollar global market.”

“Ledger provides capital markets seeking uncorrelated returns with an efficient way to access life and P&C risk, while simultaneously expanding the risk-sharing pool for traditional carriers and MGAs,” noted Eric Emmons, managing director at MassMutual Ventures. “Ledger’s proprietary analytics and securitization platform enables these constituencies to create mutually-profitable contracts within the trillion-dollar global insurance market.”

“Ledger makes it easy for insurers to get the capital they need while helping investors find the smartest ways to diversify” said Ilya Kirnos, SignalFire’s founding partner and chief technology officer. “SignalFire has been privileged to support Ledger as the company has built the world-class team necessary to perform this complex matchmaking at massive scale.”

Venture Capital investors

AllegisNL Capital invests in innovative companies at the intersection of technology, finance, insurance, and digital health. Backed by one of the largest life insurance companies in the world, AllegisNL Capital is part of the Allegis Capital family of venture capital funds based in Palo Alto, CA.

MassMutual Ventures is a global venture capital firm investing in opportunities in the insurtech, fintech, cybersecurity, data science, and enterprise software markets. MassMutual Ventures manages $450M across several funds with offices in Boston and Singapore. For more information, visit: https://www.massmutualventures.com/

SignalFire is a venture capital firm structured like a technology company, building tools and infrastructure to help with the most common founder pain points — recruiting, business development, and customer acquisition. Their network is composed of the world’s best entrepreneurs, product minds, and engineering leaders in virtually every key discipline and industry. https://www.signalfire.com/

Ledger Investing Platform

Scaling-Up Ledger Investing

Ledger’s most important work and challenges are ahead of us. We are both extremely excited and humbled by the opportunity to work on the next Trillion-dollar asset class by providing capital markets solutions for Insurers and Institutional Investors trading securities covering all classes of risk portfolios.

We will continue to scale-up significantly in the coming months. We have ambitious growth targets and to meet our timeline, what happens next will be extraordinary. We are now preparing for it by organizing systems developing solutions efficiently as we continue to grow.

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