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2 min readDec 28, 2021


Ledger 2021 in retrospect

2021 was a fantastic year for Ledger, and we are thankful. We are grateful to our customers. This year’s remarkable achievements were possible thanks to exceptional people: outstanding insurance professionals, visionary investors, and incredibly creative teams of scientists and engineers. Throughout 2021, the Ledger team had the privilege to witness modern insurance securitization in its infancy. Here are a few high points, in no specific order, from this incredible year:

  • The ledger team expanded and assumed its 100% remote work policy. As a result, we are now equipped to operate globally while being fully remote. We leverage great apps and offer better experiences to our clients.
  • Ledger established a standard of operations for ILS structures, modeling, and deal execution… leading to new overall record speeds. Our team condensed the securitization process into a few weeks instead of months. Ledger deals are faster than the industry for risk transfers while delivering better value with capital markets placements.
  • 2021 was a pivotal year globally for tokens and the commoditization of capital. We believe securitization is tokenization. Ledger securities are attractive to investors looking for insurance risk while resulting in more efficient capital for insurers and MGAs.
  • Our team sourced capital in the casualty ILS market for 60+ programs including renewals and multi-year commitments. Ledger placed $300M+ gross premium directly into the capital markets. It is our privilege to serve clients who are amongst the most respected and best performing MGAs in the US.
  • Ledger established the first US ILS dedicated casualty fund in 2021. Total initial capital of $150M+ in Asset Under Management. This is a groundbreaking step to help the creation of a Trillion dollar asset class.
  • Peter Hancock joined our board of directors earlier this year. Peter is a distinguished strategic visionary, and his input is always welcome.

We are beyond excited about 2022 and are looking forward to sharing our newest innovative products developments. In the upcoming months, we will be offering our new service “Ledger Connect”, expanding Ledger’s platform capabilities, and new apps to democratize access to Ledger securities. In 2022, Ledger apps will provide even more meaningful connections for MGAs and brokers accessing licensed insurers and capital. We focus on bringing solutions to insurance core problems, expanding better technologies, and helping smarter capital allocations.

The best is yet to come. Thank you again for your support during 2021.

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