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Julien Brissonneau
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3 min readMar 22, 2022


Visit our new tracker page.

Transparency at scale

In the past three weeks, more data and money have flowed through Ledger Investing than during the company’s first three years. Growing activity is cause for celebration for the entire team, and the company is grateful to its investors, partners, and clients. Faster than ever before, Ledger transforms flows of insurance contracts into financial securities.

There are, however, consequences to Ledger growth. Such as the increase in volume and complexity of business-to-business transactions. Our startup is pursuing its mission to build an insurance securities marketplace using technology to connect insurers and investors. We believe that transparency and data engineering can bring simplicity and efficiency to the industry. While designing new capital markets standards for insurance risk, there is a need to navigate the intricacies and ramifications at play in large reinsurance contracts.

We are introducing a public tracker page to help support the highest transparency standards and ensure that following our progress does not require sophisticated science.

Accrued Premium Curve

After an insurance securitization transaction is signed, a given contracted amount of Gross Written Premium is expected. Effectively, premiums start to accrue after the effective date of a deal. The curve of accrued premium represents the cumulative accrued gross written premium to flow through the Ledger marketplace. It includes all transactions.

Transaction Feed

The increase in the number of deals signed on the Ledger marketplace makes them harder to track. Therefore, we are also introducing a public transaction feed. The feed offers a level of transparency unprecedented in the industry. While it allows for monitoring transactions signed, it also protects the identity partners and does not publicly disclose counterparty information.

The live data on the public tracker (and provided by Ledger apps) is based on the latest available estimates and is revised as new information becomes available. We hope the updated status of this feed can be helpful for many Ledger stakeholders, including our team, future hires, brokers, MGAs, insurance, and reinsurance professionals, institutional investors, ventures, and news writers.

Create a new standard in insurance financing

Ledger is a technology company that is disrupting the financing of the insurance industry. Ledger Investing, Inc. and Ledger Capital Markets, LLC were formed to enable insurers to create substantial value by securitizing insurance risk while providing investors with an opportunity to invest directly in a new and growing asset class. We are backed by a combination of leading tech VCs and strategic insurance industry investors.

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