Ledger Blue interface first look

The Ledger Blue is a high-end security device built to manage cryptocurrency transactions, smart contracts and digital identities. Architectured around a Secure Element and built on the dedicated Ledger’s operating System (BOLOS), it runs multi applications in full isolation, ensuring transaction integrity by the “What You See Is What You Sign” paradigm.

Let’s see how it works with a few video tutorials.

Mobile use and capacitive touchscreen

Once charged with any micro USB cable, the Ledger Blue is battery powered and can be initialized in a standalone way. Bluetooth communication (BLE) will also be soon available.

Press 3 seconds the side button to power on and off. The whole navigation is done by tapping on the large capacitive touchscreen.

Configure the device

Before using it, you must initialize your Blue by selecting between configure as new device (generate a new seed), or restore configuration (import an existing seed). In both case, you just need to follow the step by step instructions displayed on the screen, beginning with the choice of a PIN code of 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 digits.

New configuration

This process creates a new “seed”, only known by you: it securely generates a random mnemonic recovery phrase of 24 words which is your backup.

Tutorial to configure a new seed

Seed restoration

If you already own a Ledger (or another compatible wallet like Trezor or KeepKey), you can import your BIP39 seed with 12, 18 or 24 words.

Tutorial to restore a backup on the Ledger Blue


Set up your parameters or select the app you want to open by navigating on the dashboard and settings.

Learn how to navigate in your Ledger Blue

Bitcoin, Ethereum and altcoins transactions

With the Ledger Blue, you can validate and confirm the cryptocurrencies transactions made from the Ledger Wallet applications. The secure screen displays the transaction data (amount, recipient address, fees) which you can review before confirming.

Sign a Bitcoin transaction with the Ledger Blue
Sign an Ethereum transaction with the Ledger Blue

Reset your device

Three successive wrong PIN codes will reset the Ledger Blue. This process protects your accounts of theft attempts. It also allows you to reconfigure the device if needed.

The Ledger Blue can be easily reset

Order your Ledger Blue

Know more about the Ledger Blue

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