Block Producer Announcement: Daxin Global

Ledgerium Team
Nov 15, 2019 · 2 min read
Daxin Global

Block Ledger is pleased to announce the addition of Daxin Global as a master node administrator on the Ledgerium Blockchain network. As the chain continues towards large-scale adoption, with increasing network traffic and multi-sector utilisation, Block Ledger seeks to expand the number of block producers on the network. As part of our commitment to network integrity and transparency, Daxin Global is one of the first additions to the mix of enterprise, community institutions and non-for-profit organisations on the ecosystem. Daxin Global will join those including the University of Texas and the University of Hong Kong as master nodes.

Daxin Global (DXG) was established in 2017 as an international network of independent accounting and consulting firms with the aim of formalising worldwide business referrals among its members. The consortium also facilitates the growth of international partnerships and engagements, with specific focus on transnational auditing.

Providing a comprehensive portfolio of audit, accountancy, tax, and advisory services for their clients, Daxin Global have over 4,000 employees, 150 listed company members and 2,000 corporate clients around world. In 2019, the conglomerate was the 11th largest accounting and professional services group in China, by revenue. With cemented industry ties and specialised expertise in accounting and auditing practices, Daxin Global are uniquely placed to join the Ledgerium ecosystem, being aware of the detriments and costs of trust, monitoring and auditing.

Daxin Global firms are located in Australia, China (including Taiwan and Hong Kong), Singapore and France, having other long-term partners in Germany, the Netherlands, Russia, India and the United States. Ledgerium will gradually increase to a maximum of 100 master nodes to ensure high TPS, remaining decentralised and distributed to withstand any system compromises. The Block Ledger team take care in assessing and endorsing organisations as master node administrators, only considering leading universities, highly regarded organisations, and top accounting and auditing firms.

As community development on the Ledgerium Blockchain continues, master node administration provides more advantages for operating institutions. Master node information for prospective operating organisation is available by contacting

The official news source of the ledgerium Blockchain

Ledgerium Team

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The development team of the ledgerium Blockchain.

The official news source of the ledgerium Blockchain

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