Join the Ledgerium Blockchain Community Developer Program

Ledgerium Team
Jun 24, 2019 · 2 min read

This program is dedicated to individual developers who would like to contribute to various development projects running at the Ledgerium Foundation.

The program membership is free with no strings attached. We won’t ask you to promote Ledgerium Foundation products, or to use Ledgerium branding in any event, or limit your work to any specific technologies, topics, or partners.

Why join?

As a member, you’ll be part of the Ledgerium Foundation developer community, who are a group of sharp, passionate blockchain and application developers looking to advance blockchain technology. But most importantly, you will get the opportunity to grow as an individual leader. You will also be able to use the Ledgerium Foundation brand to enhance your professional credentials.

Professional Growth

You will get access to the Ledgerium Foundation and its technical knowledge to help you become a stronger developer. Also, you will have the opportunity to contribute to various industry programs as a coach or training expert, representing the Ledgerium Foundation. You will also have early access to other programs launched by the Ledgerium Foundation.

Network Growth

You will have opportunities to connect with other community developers, industry experts, and core Ledgerium developers to share and exchange knowledge.


You will be rewarded for your contribution to any Ledgerium Foundation tasks or projects. The Ledgerium Foundation will reward you with its cryptocurrency: XLG. The awarded XLGs will be locked in an escrow account until one month of completion of the task or the project. You will have the freehold of awarded XLG and can trade on any of our listed exchanges thereafter.

The Ledgerium Foundation will publish the list of tasks or projects on a regular basis which will specify the clear scope of work, duration of the task, tentative start and expected time of arrival, its associated remuneration amount in XLGs.

Community growth

As early entrants to the program you will not only have the opportunity to contribute towards the Ledgerium Foundation’s products, but also help define the direction of the community developer program e.g. area of engagement in development, social and industry engagements, defining best practices to assist others in building and engaging with the overall blockchain developer community.

Future Benefits

In the future, as a community developer you will be our ambassador to various industry programs such as:

  • Attending & Organising Events
  • Financial sponsorships
  • Speaker recommendations
  • Swag

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Ledgerium Team

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The development team of the ledgerium Blockchain.

The official news source of the ledgerium Blockchain

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