Ledgerium Weekly Update 20th September 2019

Rahul Golash
Sep 20 · 2 min read

Hello everyone,

After working for a long time in our kitchen, we are finally ready to go live with our interaction with the Blockchain community. We are starting this week with our first weekly community update. These updates aim to apprise our community about various progress around our technology, documentation, roadmap, and our ambitions for the Ledgerium Blockchain platform.

In the same spirit, we plan to organise multiple community-oriented activities where we will showcase the Ledgerium Blockchain platform.

We are finally ready with our technical documentation https://docs.ledgerium.io/docs. These documentations cover the following sections

  • Introduction of the Ledgerium Blockchain
  • Ledgerium Foundation
  • Ledgerium Blockchain Applications
  • Ledgerium Protocol
  • Public and Private Transactions capability
  • Smart Contracts
  • How to get on to Ledgerium Blockchain
  • Governance
  • And, finally, how developers can interact with Ledgerium Blockchain

Developer Updates

We enhanced our Block Explorer with the following feature.

  • Add /contracts route to get the number of contracts
  • Allow custom backend services via our client application
  • Add Get XLG/Faucet via block explorer application
  • Add TX types in transactions page (contract call, transaction, contract creation, etc)
  • UI bug fixes

For further information, connect with us on one of our social channels:


The official news source of the ledgerium Blockchain

Rahul Golash

Written by

VP Emerging Tech and Chief Blockchain Architect @Ledgerium.io


The official news source of the ledgerium Blockchain

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