Ledgerium Weekly Update 4th October 2019

Rahul Golash
Oct 4, 2019 · 2 min read

Hello everyone,
As we are getting close to launching our Ledgerium Blockchain publicly, there are quite a few actions.

Community Updates

We had made few significant announcements earlier this week. In case, you have missed any of them; please refer to 3L3C70 (electo) article. We reemphasise that our token swap is live and we insist everyone complete their swaps before 15th October.

Developer Updates

We are continually improving our block explorer to make it more informative and user-friendly for our community. Following features were added this week

  • We added the feature to get live transactions feeds to the screen. It essentially means that the screen displays all new transactions live.
  • We also added the interface in the backend to retrieve pending transactions on the blockchain. It should help developers diagnose the status of their transactions in case these transactions have issues getting executed on the blockchain.
  • Also, block explorer now has a “Sync in progress” icon, which makes it easy to depict if it is syncing with the newly connected blockchain.
  • UI bug fixes
Ledgerium Block Explorer

We are also working on building an API driven blockchain service for the developer community. It is currently under testing and will be published soon.


The official news source of the ledgerium Blockchain

Rahul Golash

Written by

VP Emerging Tech and Chief Blockchain Architect @Ledgerium.io


The official news source of the ledgerium Blockchain

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