IBCT incorporates DIDH technology into ‘MySelfData.’

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2 min readDec 21, 2023


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Recently, Pentabreed launched the data integration management service called ‘MyselfData.’

IBCT’s blockchain technology-based ‘Decentralized Identity Data Hub (DIDH)’ technology for the protection, management, access, and portability of personal information has been applied as a core technology to ‘MyselfData’.

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“Shopping, dining, gaming, walking, and other data managed directly by the individual.”

- Pentabreed launches ‘MySelfData,’ a MyData service… No security concerns with IBCT-developed ‘DIDH.’

Pentabreed (CEO Park Tae-hee, Kim Young-jin) announced on the 14th the launch of ‘MySelfData,’ a comprehensive data management service utilizing the technology of IBCT (CEO Martin Lee), a specialized company in decentralized ID (DID) and DID-based data platforms.

As part of the MyData pilot project, Pentabreed and Cultureland have launched the decentralized MyData platform ‘MySelfData’ using IBCT’s blockchain technology-based Decentralized Identity Data Hub (DIDH) for personal information protection, management, access, and portability.

Through ‘MySelfData’ users can directly create, manage, and provide data related to various activities such as walking, shopping, dining, and gaming.
The MyPoints earned as a reward can be converted into Culture Cash, which can be used for convenience stores, books, movies, dining, and can also be converted to Naver Pay, Coupang Cash, and other options.

‘MySelfData’ is built on IBCT’s DID (Decentralized Identifier) technology, enhancing the security and transparency of data.
Through this, users receive support to voluntarily and effectively manage their data. The platform itself does not store any personal information internally, ensuring that personal data is securely transmitted only when individuals choose to utilize the information. This approach minimizes concerns about the leakage of personal information.

Furthermore, ‘MySelfData’ has implemented features that allow individuals with common interests to form communities based on specific topics. It also utilizes APIs to integrate data from existing institutions in use by users.
In addition, in response to requests from demand-driven businesses, ‘MySelfData’ collects survey data and other information, providing high-quality data that businesses need. Based on this, it can propose customized service models for users.
As a result, ‘MySelfData’ is expected to be a crucial resource for new product planning and service expansion in various business domains.

Pentabreed stated, ‘MySelfData will play a role as a secure data intermediary platform for both individuals and businesses in the era of MyData, providing assistance to all.’

IBCT CEO Martin Lee stated, ‘Through ‘MySelfData’ utilizing IBCT’s DID technology, we support users in safely exercising their data sovereignty. Emphasizing data security and transparency, we anticipate that this service will lead innovation in various fields. We look forward to further collaboration and development in the future.’

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