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4 min readFeb 14, 2020


LEDGIS is a self-developed solution of Institute of Blockchain Technology. LEDGIS is a next-generation blockchain platform that allows users to use various types of services regardless of the boundaries of the chain, freely crossing the public and private areas .

IBCT was selected as the Leading Public Blockchain Platform Builder 2019 by the ‘Ministry of Science and ICT, South Korea’. After it, it has made another significant achievement when the Ministry of Science and ICT in November 2019 has selected us as ‘Start-up Project’ (Technology-based Start-up Type) acknowledging the Innovative Technology of IBCT!

Let’s take a closer look at the challenges that encompasses the outstanding technology and differentiated innovation of LEDGIS Enterprise, recognized by the Small and Medium Business Enterprise Department of Govt. of South Korea.

Assignment Overview

Creating a Medical service ecosystem that benefit everyone by developing O2O platform technology and establishing the dental Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system for the first time in Korea, which enables the real-time consultation, reception, reservation and medical information of dental patients through the application of ICT convergence technology.

Development of O2O Medical Service Platform Based on ICT Convergence Technology

Year 1

Web RTC, Blockchain-based Remote Dental Consultation / Reservation / Reception

Developing community-based O2O platform by introducing HTML5 Web RTC technology that enables multi-channel service and dental consultation service agent for any device, including Android and iOS

WebRTC, blockchain technology-based community type medical O2O platform

Rewards for activities such as customers (patients) reviewing on the platform

Initiating voluntary participation of doctors by operating a separate activity bulletin board for medical influencers

Blockchain technology-based remote medical consultation information storage / management / inquiry

Core: The first layer is the core part that forms the basis of the whole system and consists of the O2O platform core part and the blockchain part. The original data of the individual’s remote medical consultation information is securely encrypted and stored and only when the user is qualified through the digital signature function using an asymmetric encryption key (private key / public key) when an inquiry request is made through the O2O platform, it can receive and decrypt them. In the blockchain part, ID values ​​and consultation contents of participants, such as hospitals and doctors, are stored as hash values, and the data can be checked for forgery and alteration by comparing the hash values.

Service: The service layer connects the core and the DApp and implements the core functions of the platform through smart contracts. It communicates with the blockchain data network to manage input and output of data and the smart service O2O platform uses smart contract technology to implement core services.

DApp: Through the medical service O2O platform implemented as a DApp in a layer that includes medical information provided by the medical service O2O platform so that various applications can use it and all user environments such as mobile, web, and apps are supported. Users can receive remote medical consultation information, download and manage secure personal information, convenient remote consultation and rewards for acquiring and participating in useful information through the community. Other participants, such as hospitals and operators are included and implemented so that rewards can also be attributed to their role in the ecosystem.

Year 2

Issuance of blockchain technology-based EMR

The O2O healthcare platform allows a client (patient) to request his or her medical records. If a client purchases a point for a certain cost and requests his or her medical records, the dentist will issue a medical record to the client.

Encrypted medical information sharing based on blockchain technology

The original data matched with the blockchain information is encrypted and recorded and the data is retrieved only when the information is requested and approved.

Designed to be able to read encrypted data for hospital B or hospital C only if the patient care information of hospital A approves it to be transmitted to hospital B or hospital C while the blockchain network between dental hospitals is configured.

User authentication based on biometrics technology

Access to the blockchain network through authentication using biometric information and uses the fingerprint to authenticate transactions that require authorization such as consent for new network participants or approval for requested data.

In the LEDGIS Enterprise Blockchain project, we developed an O2O platform that can view and share real-time consultation, reception, appointment, and medical information of dental services during medical visits through the application of ICT convergence technology, which makes it impossible to forge various medical information and distribution processes. The key technology development is to create a health care ecosystem that benefits all participants including medical institutions, patients, manufacturers, etc.

O2O Medical Service Platform Based on ICT Convergence Technology

We look forward to seeing you at LEDGIS Enterprise, who will lead the way with an innovative platform in the areas that are most closely connected to real life including public, healthcare, and logistics!


LEDGIS is a user-centered blockchain service which materializes Self Sovereign Identity(SSI) by preventing IT platforms from monopolizing user data. With its sophisticated token economy, users can receive rewards according to their contribution to the ecosystem and experience various DApp services at a high speed of 3,000 TPS. In addition, its DID(Decentralized IDentity) is recognized as a global standard, and an efficient private key management service along with decentralized data encryption storage/sharing system ensure individual data sovereignty and safe storage of sensitive user information. In recognition of above advantages, LEDGIS is providing its blockchain services to various government agencies in Korea.

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