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⚡️Second community voice chat summary⚡️

Last Friday we organized our second Community Voice Chat. Thank you to everyone who joined and participated !

For this second voice chat, we globally did a review of what Ledgity has accomplished during this year.

1. LTY token IDO and launch on UniSwap

The 24th of August, Ledgity launched a Dual IDO on TrustPad and Occam for the LTY token and it was a success beyond our expectations. On Occam.fi we sold 25 Millions LTY tokens for about 30 Ethereum in under 1 hour and a half, and on TrustPad this time, we sold 25 Millions LTY tokens for 100 thousand BUSD in 30 seconds !

Right after, we listed the USDC/LTY trading pair on Uniswap with around 320k$ in liquidity.

2. Partnerships

Through last months, our team also managed to get many great partnerships such as :

Genius Yield : a decentralized non-custodial automated market maker (AMM) and smart liquidity management solution implemented in Plutus on the Cardano Blockchain. Ledgity and Genius Yield share the same vision of democratizing access to the Defi ecosystem.

Spores Network : a cross-chain NFT-DeFi platform In order to democratize alternative investments using blockchain technology. This partnership aims to democratize alternative investments (art, wine, classic car,…) using blockchain technology and build the future of finance.

Cardax : Cardax is a DEX emerging on the Cardano eco-system, which strives to be a CNT powerhouse, focusing on deep liquidity and a simple interface. This partnership is very important for the future of the LTY token. As soon as we launch LTY on Cardano, it will be available on Cardax’s DEX and you will be able to trade the LTY/ADA pair on the Cardano Network.

Photocromic : a blockchain-based protocol that tokenizes an individual’s identity through an NFT. With this partnership we aim to enhance client’s identification while leveraging decentralized self-sovereign identity that complies with the financial industry.

InvestaX : a leading digital securities investment and trading platform. Ledgity and InvestaX share the same vision of democratizing investment opportunities and the purpose of this partnership is to combine tech and regulatory knowledge with the unique goal of shaping the future of finance.

Everlens : the first NFT marketplace dedicated to social networks/ Instagram. Ledgity and Everlens have the same goal of democratizing art and content investing.

IX Swap : the world’s first DeFi AMM & Liquidity Pools for Security Tokens and Tokenized Stocks. Together, we aim to democratize alternative investments using blockchain technology and build the future of finance.

3. LTY token launch on PancakeSwap

On October 25th the BUSD/LTY trading pair was successfully released on PancakeSwap with 1M$ of Liquidity in the LP thanks to our partner Amber Group, and on the same day LTY holders were able to bridge their LTY token from the Ethereum Network to the BinanceSmartChain and vice-versa thanks this time to another partner, Anyswap.
With this bridge our holders can benefit from the advantages of both networks.

And now thanks to Trustpad, BUSD/LTY holders can now stake their tokens on the platform with an 109% APR.

4. Ledgity Wealth App

Three weeks ago we released the beta of the Ledgity Wealth App on iOS and Android for France and Monaco phone numbers. This first product is a milestone for us and represents the foundation of our wealth app for independent financial advisors & their clients. The Ledgity Wealth App revolutionizes the relationship between financial advisors and their clients. For the first time, financial advisors and clients can easily interact with each other and access the best investment opportunities from traditional finance, crypto assets and Defi yield strategies.

All the teams are working hard to improve the app and add new features. We will keep you updated.

Thank you for reading this summary, see you soon for another Community Voice Chat !

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