Education Ecosystem Android App Alpha Release

Hot on the heels of the Education Ecosystem Web App Alpha Release, comes our Android App Alpha Release. The android app is just the first of our mobile apps and will allow users to watch projects on the go.

Just like with the web app, since this is only the alpha release, all product features and functionality will not yet be readily available. The development team is still working on adding some features and removing bugs. However, new features and pages will be continuously added over the coming weeks. This will not overly impact users ability to use the app and you are encouraged to provide feedback and report any bugs you come across so that we can have them fixed before our beta version is completed.

Our android app allows users to do quite a few things:

  • You can watch projects when you are away from your computer and want to continue the project you had recently started.
  • You can use the app to multitask — building a product of your own on your laptop while watching a project creator on the app.
  • You can be productive during downtime instead of simply idling away on social media.

How to Get the Android App

Simple go to the Google Play store and search ‘Education Ecosystem’ and you can find our app. If you’re viewing on a mobile device you can click this link and it will take you directly to the app. If you have an account on our web app you can simply login using the same email or social channel login details you already use. If you’re not a part of the ecosystem you can sign up on the app as well.

What’s in the App?

Our Android App makes it easier to view projects on the go. You can get access to the full library of projects on our platform. As a LEDU holder the projects in our cryptocurrency category or those covering ethereum might be the most appealing to you. Whatever categories on our platform you want to access, the projects are available. Below are some more screenshots of the android app.

Get LEDU Coin

Get LEDU coins now on Exrates, Livecoin, Mercatox and IDEX or join the LEDU OTC Trading program for large purchases. Read more about LEDU coins on our project page and ask any questions you might have in our Telegram group chat.

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