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Education Ecosystem (LEDU)
Education Ecosystem
3 min readNov 27, 2018


Are you already a LEDU token holder? Do you want to enjoy even more benefits from being part of the ecosystem? One way to do this and to improve your skills while doing so is to participate in the next Education Ecosystem Proof of Work initiative. Suggest a project and earn LEDU based on your suggestion.

Participants in the ecosystem whether they be new subscribers or existing token holders are hoping to improve their career skills in future technologies like artificial intelligence, cryptocurrencies, cybersecurity and more. Many participants are looking to improve in a very niche area and get hands on experience building practical projects. But what if that specific AI or cybersecurity project you’re looking for isn’t available on our platform yet?

One of the ways you can get this project added to our platform is to suggest it. Even if you don’t want to learn that particular skill you can still help the ecosystem by making project suggestions. If the project meets our criteria and is relevant to the job market today then it may be accepted and you can earn LEDU for your suggestion. If the project suggestion doesn’t meet the criteria then it may be rejected. Once a suggested project is created by a project creator then the participant who suggested it will be rewarded with LEDU.

How to Suggest a Project

The first step is to submit your project suggestion in this Google Form. Your project suggestion should be well researched and as unique as possible. Some of the things which your suggestion should answer are:

1) What will subscribers learn from this project?

2) How will this project help subscribers in their careers?

If your project could potentially be part of a larger curriculum for subscribers to get certified in a particular skill then let us know as well.


Participants begin at Level 1 which carries with it a reward of 1000 LEDU per accepted suggestion. Participants are elevated to Level 2 after 20 accepted project suggestions, which carries with it a reward of 1500 LEDU per accepted suggestion. Projects within a curriculum will be treated as individual projects and rewarded according to the level of the suggester.

Suggesting projects is a great way for ecosystem members to not only get the content they want to learn added to our platform, but also earn LEDU by suggesting projects which can benefit others in the ecosystem.

Do you have a project idea not yet available on our platform? Want to get it added to our library? Suggest a project and earn LEDU.

Get LEDU Coin

Get LEDU coins now on Exrates, Livecoin, Mercatox and IDEX or join the LEDU OTC Trading program for large purchases. Read more about LEDU coins on our project page and ask any questions you might have in our Telegram group chat.



Education Ecosystem (LEDU)
Education Ecosystem

Education Ecosystem (LEDU) is a decentralized project-based learning platform that teaches people how to build tech products,