LiveEdu ICO: Final Base Rate & How To Calculate Tokens

We’ve done it! We have successfully reached the $10M hardcap for the LiveEdu ICO ahead of schedule.

First and foremost, THANK YOU!

Thank you to all who have contributed to the project in some way, whether that be participating in the main ICO, the presales or simply helping to spread the word of our project through various channels. We look forward to your continued support as we work towards building a platform for people to improve their job skills in future technologies; the YouTube for professional development.

You guys surprised us all. We launched our crowdsale without any private pre-sale or any aggressive bonus model for major contributors. No contributor even had 100% bonus, but still we have been able to close quickly. Thank you for believing in our project and the opportunity of disrupting the $306 billion professional development market one shot at a time. We are looking forward to hiring experienced new team members from LinkedIn, YouTube and Lynda. We look forward to setting up LiveEdu Project Screens in cities around the world, one city at a time.

Because our ICO closed quicker than we anticipated, we’re working to go over everything and create a new schedule. And of course, we know getting your tokens are your first priority. Please be patient as due to the early finish we will have to make some changes to our original timeline. We are still monitoring all online social communities and forums so don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions.

We will be making announcements in the coming days about:

  • KYC
  • Token issuance
  • Exchange listings

Please refer to this short FAQ below that we can answer now:

When are you going to calculate the final number tokens for each purchase?

Monday Jan 29: Announcements will be made on Telegram, ICO website and Medium blog when the dashboards are fully updated.

Where are you going to open your physical office?

Los Angeles Area. Want to join us? Submit your resume to

When are you going to start hiring new team members for the roadmap implementation?

After liquidating some of the ICO proceeds.

I sent multiple emails for my problem you have not responded

We receive every email that is sent to us and have a huge backlog of requests. We will reply to you as soon as we can.

For all official announcements, please join our newly created LiveEdu Project News Telegram Channel

Contact our support email:

Final LiveEdu ICO Base Rate

The final USD$ price for ETH and BTC is the average USD rate for the period that the public sale was active (Jan. 15th-Jan 25th 2018). The average was calculated by taking the sum of the daily average rates for each day of the public sale, divided by the number of days the public sale takes place.

The daily average rate was calculated by taking the average of the price at the opening and close of the day. The source for this pricing data was Using the average prevents treating investors differently. This also applies to LTC which was accepted during the pre-sales.

For EUR, which was accepted during the pre-sales, 1 EUR = 1.22 USD.

$1 USD = 10 EDU tokens

$0.10 USD = 1 EDU token


1 ETH = $1083 USD

ETH Daily Avg. Rate Calculations

Data Source

Spreadsheet Calculations


1 BTC = $11800 USD

BTC Daily Avg. Rate Calculations

Data Source

Spreadsheet Calculations


1 LTC = $195 USD

LTC Daily Avg. Rate Calculations

Data Source

Spreadsheet Calculations

How to Calculate Your Tokens

1 EUR = $1.22 USD

1 ETH = $1083 USD

1 BTC = $11800 USD

1 LTC = $195 USD

Note: This same rate applies for all purchases, both pre-sale and main sale.

The total number of EDU tokens you will get is calculated with the formula: US$amount (10 token (1 + bonus rate %))

E.g You contributed $100 on the first day when bonus was 20%.

Number of EDU tokens = 100(10 (1+0.20)) = 1,200 EDU tokens

E.g You contributed 1.5 ETH on the first day when bonus was 20%.

1.5 ETH = 1.5 (1083) = $1624.50 USD

Number of EDU tokens = 1624.50(10 (1+0.20)) = 19,494 EDU tokens

E.g You contributed 0.7 BTC when bonus was 15%.

0.7 BTC = 0.7 (11800) = $8260

Number of EDU tokens = 8260 (10 (1+0.15)) = 94,990 EDU tokens

E.g You contributed 100 EUR during the pre-sale and received 25% bonus.

100 EUR = 100 (1.22) = $122

Number of EDU tokens = 122 (10( 1+0.25)) = 1,525 EDU tokens

E.g You contributed 5 LTC during the pre-sale and received 25% bonus.

5 LTC = 5 (195) = $975

Number of EDU tokens = 975 (10 (1+0.25)) = 12,187.5 EDU tokens

Once again, thank you from everyone on the LiveEdu team. Let’s disrupt the professional development market with blockchain!

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