LiveEdu Reaches $1M Soft Cap in Presales. Public Sale Starts Monday, 5pm UTC

The LiveEdu Public sale starts: Monday, 5pm UTC. Make sure to invest on Day 1 (20% bonus). Whitelist yourself by registering for the ICO and securing the 20% bonus for Day 1. Allocations are made based on registration date.

The whole LiveEdu team wants to say a big thank you to all contributors that participated in the pre-sales. We have been surprised by the non-monetary support you have been providing to the project. Over 1300 people participated in the pre-sales and we are very thankful for each one. We received a lot of contribution demands with both small and large amounts and we are thankful for each one. We did not ever think that we would meet so many awesome people from all over the world. We are now a family and are excited to embark on the journey with you to build the YouTube for online education and professional development. The $306 billion global professional development market is about to change.

We are looking forward to putting up LiveEdu project screens all around the world, starting with the first one in San Francisco. Education coin holders will be voting with their coins to decide the next city where the project screen is going to be launched. If you buy a lot of EDU coins, you can vote with them and push your city to the top. The plan is to launch the projects screens in Beijing, New York, London, Shanghai, Seoul, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Berlin and other major cities around the world.

There are still payments pending to be processed. All payments made on time will be processed and counted toward the pre-sales and you will get the bonus.

We are working through pending payments based on size of the investment.

Final LiveEdu ICO Base Rate

The recent trippling in the price of ETH has forced us to change the initial base rate conversion logic from crypto units to USD$. The old crypto base conversion units are not to be used anymore. For all purchases made in the past and the future the following base rate is to be applied.

One US dollar buys you 10 EDU coins. One EDU costs ten cents. The final USD$ price for ETH and BTC will be the average USD rate for the period that the public sale is active. The average will be calculated by taking the sum of the daily average rates for each day of the public sale, divided by the number of days the public sale takes place. The source for this pricing data will be Using the average prevents treating investors differently. For simplification in the mean time, we use the conversion rates 1 ETH = $1000 and 1 BTC = $16000.

The total number of EDU tokens you will get is calculated with the formula: US$amount (10 token (1 + bonus rate %))

For presale investors, the updating of the dashboard with the token amounts was delayed intentionally to explain the new base rate calculation logic. The update will happen now.

LiveEdu Public Sale Bonus Structure

Hard Cap

A lot of investors complained that LiveEdu did not count BTC contributions in the original hardcap set before. To remove insecurity, the hard cap has been set to $10 million flat and now includes all payment methods.

Accepted Payment Methods in Public Sale

Payments can be made with all cryptocurrencies but NOT ALL are accepted directly.

Directly Accepted Payment Methods


Only ETH payments are sent directly to the smart contract.

Smart contact address: 0x2097175d0abb8258f2468E3487F8db776E29D076

ENS name: liveedu.eth

How to contribute with ETH in the LiveEdu public sale (guide coming soon).

How to easily buy ETH for the LiveEdu public sale (guide coming soon).


BTC payments are not sent directly to the smart contract. Each ICO registrant gets a user specific BTC address. BTC transactions will be manually transported to the smart contract at the end of the ICO.

How to contribute with BTC in the LiveEdu public sale (guide coming soon).

How to easily buy BTC for the LiveEdu public sale (guide coming soon).

Indirect Payment Methods

Other coins

You can also pay with other coins including BTC Cash, LTC, Ripple or ERC20 tokens, but they are not accepted directly. Just follow this simple guide to convert your coins to ETH or BTC. It takes just 5 minutes and no registration is needed. You convert your coins and then send the ETH or BTC to LiveEdu.


For those that have fiat, you cannot actually pay with fiat, but if you only have fiat and are making a big investment (minimum $5k), we can arrange to take your fiat and provide you BTC/ETH, or just buy tokens and hold them in escrow in your name for you. This transaction is a manual process, involves much work and fees are charged by the third party company that handles them. For this service, send an email to “”and state the amount you wish to contribute.

LiveEdu Public Sale Starts Monday, Jan 15th at 5pm UTC