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About Me

Lee Delgado
Mar 22, 2018 · 2 min read

Lee Delgado
Senior Designer
I serve as a Product Designer in User Experience. I bring 13 years of experience in developing creative direction, user experience, digital strategy, interaction design, product development, brand development, marketing, advertising and early stage business development.

I have worked with brands ranging from, AOL, Univision Communications Inc, FIFA, Scholastic, NBC Universal & KPMG.

My Evolution

In a specialized world, generalist continue to triumph. My span in multiple disciplines have given me a feel of patterns and cross currents.

2007 — Graphic Designer

I started out as a traditional graphic designer, designing logos, brand style guides etc. Today I still drool over posters and typography.

2008 — Web Designer

I saw everything moving on to the web and forced myself to learn Flash, HTML & CSS. This definitely helped my career.

2011 — Interactive Designer

After working at advertising and creative agencies large and small, I moved on to media as an interaction designer with a firm focus on accelerating business goals and inspirations into viable products.

2015 — UX Product Designer

After attending a weekend at HOW Design conference in SF, I knew the next step in my career was to get on a product team. I joined NBC Universal and got a ton of experience in UX, UI, designing for iOS, Android, OTT etc.

2018 — Enterprise Designer

Enterprise was the shift I needed to stretch my creativity — and stimulate my career in the process. Enterprise design forced me out of my comfortable consumer facing habits — and into new approaches.

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