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Lee Delgado
Oct 31 · 3 min read

Helping an Adtech client bring their idea to life.

My Responsibilities: Data visualization • UX • Visual Design

Wireframes: Design team member.

Early on, I worked along with another designer who provided the site map, user flow and early wireframes.

Challenges: Understanding importance hierarchy, working with a minimal brand style guide and trying to keep it within the Google Material Design System.

We learned early on what was needed was something a lot more custom and we would have to go with Angular using Kendo UI or Bootstrap.

Early design mocks.

After understanding a lot more of what was actually needed, I quickly started to organize the information and formatting typography choices in a way that allows the users to clearly see what’s most important, allowing them to easily navigate the interface at a glance and quickly find the information they’re looking for.

The typographic hierarchy aimed at modifying and combining the fonts to build contrast between the most meaningful and prominent copy elements as to which should be noticed first and standard text information.

1. Header text [optional]

Header text was optional depending on dashboard overviews.

2. Media + Respondents

Depending on the dashboard, this was either the most meaningful or second meaningful content in a card.

3. Campaign life

To conserve space, the progress bar was toned down from original concepts as the % number gave the user enough information.

4. Status badge

Working with a minimal brand colors, decisions were made as to what colors would be best to use for quick eye scanning.

Filtering just by LIVE campaigns
Filter result
Custom widget dashboard
Adding widget


Lee Delgado

Lee Delgado

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10+ years of digital design experience. Daily duties involve UX and UI design across multi-platform digital properties.


Lee Delgado

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