Telemundo Amazon Fire TV

Lee Delgado
Mar 22, 2018 · 2 min read

Business goal: Keep users engaged with video content and solve partnership and promotion opportunities.

Responsible for: Visual Design • UI • Screener Questionnaire • User Test Questions

Lead UX: Anthony Padronaggio


Working with a limited on air style guide given to me, I started eliminating blue and red colors as we use those mainly for backgrounds and alerts.

Even though this was an app, stakeholders wanted to tie back the on air graphics.


Working with our existing product fonts and colors, I found a happy medium between digital and on air. I choose the yellow accent color to highlight selected and important items.

I worked with the font family to add some contrast and visual hierarchy. I proposed a prominent swappable logo placement for future event partnerships.


Lee Delgado

Lee Delgado

Written by

10+ years of digital design experience. Daily duties involve UX and UI design across multi-platform digital properties.


Lee Delgado

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