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Lee Delgado
Mar 22, 2018 · 4 min read

NBC’s local news station apps didn’t have a way for their audience to watch Live TV within their own products. The business goal was to keep their audience within their own products and benefit on advertising opportunities.The user pain points were that they were being pushed to download another app (the NBC app) to watch Live TV.

Responsible for: User Experience • Research • Product Design • Personas • User Testing • Visual Design • Production • Digital Marketing

PM: Jillian Macdonald


An early full width video experience approach was taken due the time commitment our users were spending streaming our video.


I had an early idea that once the user was authenticated and minimized the player page, the player would minimize, allowing them to continue to browse in the app.

When idea was presented to users during testing and stakeholders, they both loved the idea. Unfortunately it was too much dev work for the team at the time.


After more rounds of user testing and design explorations, the look and feel for the player experience developed. The ad sponsorship business goal was presented without interrupting the user’s Live view goal.

Challenge: Convincing stakeholders it wasn’t a good user experience to hide the TV schedule for the ad to take prominence. I proposed to have it integrated in the schedule but they felt the bigger the ad was, the easier it would be for them to sell it. I ended up losing that battle and to make it worst, the ad isn’t available during commercial breaks, leaving users with a big blank space.

Small win: I proposed the idea again during the tablet phase and now on commercial breaks, it leaves the user with useful information.


External option to watch shows On Demand and view clips were added to the business goals.

Featured clips: Controlled by the editors in the CMS and played within the app.


Once the user decided they wanted to watch Live TV, I wanted the focus of the authentication flow to feel native within the product and be as quick and user friendly as possible to avoid any abandonment.


To help address user paint points of feeling pushed to another site, I kept the page background visible on tablet.


With article pages getting the majority of traffic, the goal was to find a way to promote what was currently Live on air and having a simple way of accessing it if interested.

Challenge: Solving for homepage too with everything else competing for attention.


For the articles, we decided on the simple approach in the header.

Challenge: The set in stone ads getting in the way on tablet’s vertical and landscape views.


Challenge: Solving for short and long show names.


With NBC On Demand being thrown into the Live TV section and there sometimes being more than one live stream happening at the same time, some visual information hierarchy system needed to be set in place for all CTAs.

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Lee Delgado

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