Univision Credit Card

Lee Delgado
Mar 25, 2018 · 3 min read

Responsible for: Visual Design • UX • UI • Competitive Analysis • Branding

Iconography: Eliot Sela

Front End: Joseph Kilrain

Univison was going to release this new credit card opportunity to it’s loyal audience. The problem was that the partnered banks handled the online application process and it didn’t really show Univision’s brand and personality through it’s bland application site.

With very limited customization opportunity on the secured site to show the brand’s reputation of trustworthiness, I was assigned to create a landing page where all questions, and concerns could be answered before going though the external application site.

With the majority of the US Hispanic market not only being mobile first but and a large amount being mobile only, it was a priority to make this a handheld and tablet friendly site.

Language was obviously huge. We decided to add a quick toggle between the English and Spanish pages.

Editable Promotions

An editable section was designed for swappable monthly and seasonal promotions.

We added a video of the commercial for some added reassurance and comfort of where they were first learned about the new site.

The video was compressed well enough to not lose it’s quality and still load quick enough on a mobile device.

Solving for Scroll Fatigue

With so many FAQs, I decided to just show the top most asked ones and add an option to show all. I’m not a fan of drop downs and hiding information but in this case some FAQs had very lengthy answers and so I decided to add some here.

The site is no longer live but an Invision prototype can be viewed below.


Lee Delgado

Lee Delgado

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