Be a Monster For Halloween

Our five tips for keeping your Halloween House Parties full of treats for you and your neighbours as told through our favourite monsters.

1. Witches levitate their tech away from walls.

Shout “Wingardium Leviosa!” at your speakers and raise them up, up and away from adjoining walls and floors (and then pick them up with your hands, since you didn’t actually go to Hogwarts).

2. Popping outside? Mummies keep quiet.

Ever heard a mummy reach any other decibel than a low groan? Us neither. You don’t have to keep your guests trapped in your house, but if you are heading outside keep the noise down and muffle your voices.

3. Don’t party ’til dawn. Vampires head to bed when the sun comes up.

Keeping your party going all hours could upset your neighbours who may need to get up for work.

4. Keep it clean. Ghosts leave no trace.

Party got a bit messy? Grab the black bin bag and tidy up your communal areas. You were never there.

5. Having a party? Let the neighbours know.

We don’t recommend you howl at the moon to let your neighbours know, but give them a knock to let them know in advance. You could even invite them to join your pack.

Be a monster, or your Halloween could get a whole lot scarier…

Not only is it not very neighbourly to keep everyone up with your party, you could be charged with noise nuisance by the council which is a criminal offence.

Penalties include:

  • A criminal conviction
  • Getting things like DJ equipment or speakers confiscated
  • Fines of up to £5000
  • Closure notices on your house so visitors aren’t allowed or even occupants

The University can also take disciplinary action if you are persistently disturbing your neighbours.

This includes fines of up to £500 and exclusion from the University.

So be cool and think like a monster.