39 hours of fasting and gaining NZT like focus

Lee Mallon
Nov 16, 2017 · 6 min read

Last week I had a mixed progress week, I was travelling around a lot with a few nights away, and though I exercised and ate relatively well, I started to feel a reduction in clarity I had been getting up to now with the daily PT run training sessions and the routine of life.

On Saturday (11th November) I was on solo dad duty and ended up having a few wraps with my lunch and then dinner. Not the worst falling off the waggon but enough for me to ask myself why did I eat that. One day last week I was working away I eat three meals during that day (I haven’t eaten three meals in a day over the previous three weeks, usually one or two). I put this down to hotel boredom, I had done my work, been to the gym and since all, I am drinking is water or tea at the moment, I wanted something to do, and unfortunately, that resulted in a meal.

Again not an unhealthy meal but a meal that had no purpose to me, I wasn’t hungry, I was just bored. So having then eating on Saturday evening and having two meals with wraps I was like “WTF are you doing that is four more punches to the face in six weeks time that your gonna get hit with”.

Up to now, I had been fasting around 16–20 hours a day without even noticing and with daily training sessions I also wasn’t seeing any drop in energy (arguably gaining more), so I thought, how long could I go without food. Reading up online the longest ever fast was 382 days so 24 hours should be ok. Reading further into what happens to your body at 24/36/48 hours etc. was fascinating. I committed to getting to at least 24 hours but to aim for 36 hours.

So what happened, below is a breakdown of what turned into a 39 hour fast.


5 pm
Ordered chicken wrap and sweet potato fries (thank you Deliveroo), arrives at 17:50, gone by 17:53.

6 pm
Around 6:30 pm started to feel the effects, being in this high-intensity state has made me quickly aware of my body improving or resisting whatever I put inside it. A mini sugar hit, a carb slowdown and tiredness. This was when I decided to fast.

9 pm
It has only been three hours since I last eat but now I knew I couldn’t eat, I want to eat. So water it is, I am feeling fine and just getting on with things.

10 pm
The best way to remove any cravings is to go to bed and sleep, and I did for a lovely solid 8 hours. Parents, you know what I mean.


7 am
After being attacked by my children, I pee’d on my stick (stick advises you what level you are in a keytone state, I have been in this keystone state since day three of training and have been using it to monitor that I don’t go too far as this can be very dangerous). Pee’d on a stick and no colour change, I was out of ketosis. So downed a pint of water.

10 am
Starting to notice the effects of not having to plan or think about food, whenever you do something you’re positioning it around when you get your next meal, removing this thought I was getting a 1.5-speed improvement on my tasks for the day.

1 pm
Took the kids for lunch, opted for a café rather than a restaurant so not to feel the social pressure to eat, more water (about 1 litre over lunch). Surprisingly I had no feeling to want to eat any food even with cakes and sandwiches everywhere.

4 pm
We are late afternoon on Sunday; kids are tired, so we decide to go and do the weekly shop, I know what was I thinking. Again feeling focused and not on any sugar crash we turned shopping into a game and though I am sure we annoyed a few sugar enriched shoppers we had fun.

6 pm
Kids dinner done and dusty, some more water but no feelings of hungry at all, hitting the 24-hour mark now. Primary thought at this point was I have a cardio workout in the morning, will this be safe but being aware of my body and understand how the body has an energy source in my body fat I felt okay to continue.

9 pm
Had my first stomach grumble but I didn’t feel hungry I guess it was my body just reacting to a routine of food.

10 pm
Due to early morning training and the grumbles, off to bed to sleep it off.


6 am
First PT session of the week and into fit tests and cardio workout, energised and pushing harder than before all felt right, I had a few moments of my eyes catching up to my brain during burpee’s, but this happens when I have to make a lot of up-down motion.

7 am
Finish training and loading up on the water and do start to feel a bit shit, grabbed an apple ready to bite, but the dizzy feel wore off, and I think I did think about and not sure the sugar rush though relatively small of an apple would have been the best decision.

8 am
Driving into work, I felt all NZT (for those who haven’t seen the film Limitless with Bradley Cooper, he takes this synthetic drug called NZT and gains a heightened sense of focus and learning). I wasn’t able to hear the tree’s singing to me, but when I was driving towards a roundabout, I was looking toward the next turning off the roundabout as I had already evaluated and processed the roundabout logic. Consuming information was running at approximately 2.5 speed, things were apparent. At this point in reflection, I see how that feeling could become an addiction and is something to be careful with.

9 am
Had a lovely protein filled breakfast and reset into the world of food, the strange thing was I think could have quickly gone another nine hours but with another cardio session planned for that evening, it was best not to get to carried away.


I was surprised by the reaction to me doing this, why, how, why. And I get it; it is hard to explain why to do it apart from the desire to reset the body into a raw state and see if you can overcome to the mental blocks that exist around society things such as food. I am going to try a 48-hour one soon and aim before the end of the year to do a 72 hour fast all carefully monitored and to just see how my both my body and brain perform to these conditions.


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