Google’s apostrophes

Google’s apostrophes

It’s very strange to see all these single opening quotation marks (‘) in the place of apostrophes (’) on Google’s introduction page of its design principles and user experience philosophy.

You can see it more clearly when zoomed in.

Maybe this is why I can’t find words like “detail” or “typography” in this entire page?

Don’t understand what I’m talking about? Then read Erik Spiekermann’s Typo Tips, especially this part (emphasis added):

A dead giveaway for unprofessional “desktop typography” are wrong quotes and apostrophes. Quotes can have different shapes. They generally look like “this”, and can be remembered as beginning and ending quotes by thinking of “66” and “99”. Beginning quotes are found on the Mac by pressing option-[; closing quotes, option-shift-[. The apostrophe is simply a raised comma, the shape of a ’9 in most typefaces. It is identical to the closing single quote, while the open single quote looks like a ‘6. Beginning single quotes are found on the Mac by pressing option-]; the apostrophe and closing single quote, option-shift-].

Update: Google has already updated the company about pages some days ago. All apostrophes are fixed. Good job! (Feb 2, 2012)