The 7 golden rules of social media marketing

So your business is now into social media marketing, but are you doing it correctly?
Social networks became rapidly THE media of choice for marketers from all around the globe, that’s why if you’re new on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. you should follow some easy rules to get the most out of the amazing world of social media.

Today we present you 7 golden rules of social media marketing you should follow.

1. Listen

The first step to win social media is to listen.
The most successful brands listen to their fan-base to develop a winning digital marketing strategy, focusing their communication on people’s needs, needs that their product can satisfy.
You should not only listen to your audience, but also your competitors’, being one step ahead of them is a great strategy of getting new customers.

2. Focus

So you discovered that your product can satisfy different targeted audiences, but you should not tailor your communication on all of them. What you should do, instead, is to focus on a single target first, catch their attention and involve them into your social media activities.

3. Create value

Knowledge is a powerful tool to attract more people to your social pages, so create value for them.
Share powerful insights about your market, write blog posts talking about what you know best and you will get people’s attention. Is a very laborious work, but you will earn lot of recognition.

Of course your final goal is to promote your brand and sell your product, but keep in mind that 80% of your social media content should create value for your customers.

4. Be patient

You’re doing everything right, you found the right target, you’re creating value for them, but you were expecting to gain more followers than the ones you’re actually getting.

Are you doing something wrong? Maybe, or maybe not.

Be patient, results will come. If they don’t go back to the basics, start listening again to your fan-base and fix your digital marketing strategy.

5. Quality

The most successful brands on social networks can be recognized for 2 things: the quality of their content and the quality of their fan-base.
How to achieve the best quality in your content marketing? Write in a compelling way and use high quality pictures (must read: why high quality pictures are a win in content marketing).
Also, 1.000 involved followers are better than 100.000 fake ones, that’s why you should never earn your followers by buying fake ones.

6. Be fast

People love social networks because they can easily and quickly get information. That’s why you should be fast and ready to answer their questions.

Twitter quickly became the media of choice of customer care, people love how easily can get in touch with their favorite brands, but they get mad if they don’t receive a quick reply. You should know that 53% of the people expect to receive an answer in less than an hour, so keep an eye on that notifications!
You should also be fast in tailoring your communication on what’s happenin’ right now in the world, you should leverage on trending topics and offline events that people are discussing on social media.

One good example is this tweet from Oreo, tweeted back in 2013 during a the annual Super Bowl. Suddenly the lights of the whole stadium shut down, and Oreo was fast enough to post this tweet before the lights came back.

7. Share

Social media is based on sharing content, don’t expect someone will shareyour posts if you are talking about you all the time.
Always remember to share interesting posts, not just the ones you own but also content from other blogs. Other than content, you should share insights and advice with your customers, and reward them for their loyalty (have you thought about starting a photo contest?)

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