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The Stories of Our Development: 01

I have always known the glow of screens in the dark to be a comfort, some have told me I should/do live in a cave. I suppose I do have a bit of nostalgia tied to late nights sitting at the computer, staring enduringly.

I was always a creative kid and somehow I knew quite early that the computer would be my medium. Running small web stores, building endless geocities and playing games with friends was my youth.

Design forums become a hub for critiques and assets when I first started designing. I learned through practice, testing and replicating to develop my own style. As my interest in gaming grew, I began to learn new ways to concept and present projects.

From design to learning basic html, I was always pushing to grow to the next level. There are ten or so sites still out there on old sub-domains that I built for clans, the good people of the internet would consider them ancient. Learning to create for the web became a passion, as I learned to self-brand, my gaming brands grew to match.

The communities I played in always needed some brand collateral and I always took a shot. I found a joy in helping develop a community in a way that gives back to its members. I started #TwitchItForward to create an awareness about the lack of resources for gamers.

The growth of eSports has triggered a rise in self-branding and ventures in gaming brands. With the interest created around my campaign, and within the community who hosted it, we decided to expand the concept. In a few months, a small giveaway, became a community.

It is our mission to create the same opportunities for others. Left Click Culture was created to support the fellow gamer, to enhance their ability to produce content and promote a growth in content production at the highest quality.

Thank you for being a part of Left Click Culture! Every interaction surely means a lot to us.

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