Leftovers, Again
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Leftovers, Again

A Rewrite of History

None of us are free

Author’s note: I wrote and published this originally on July 4, 2021. I decided it needed a bit of polish, so I am publishing it anew here.

So, it’s the Fourth of July again. Independence Day.

On the TV and in the newspapers, we are being reminded to get ready for the Fourth by going to Lowe’s to get a new grill, or to get those delicious King’s Hawaiian buns ready for our holiday burgers! Yum!



I have been writing on Medium since 2017, but I didn’t know about online pubs then, so a lot of my early stuff never got published in an online publication — and no one saw them. I’m sure you have a lot of good stuff that needs to be shared too. Send it over, and I’ll publish it.

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