Leftovers, Again
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Leftovers, Again

America is a racist nation. PERIOD.

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Racism is the oldest, deepest, darkest, most difficult problem facing this nation. America’s racism is systemic racism.

Before this nation’s founding, racism reared its ugly head against the Natives, those who helped the colonists establish themselves on the continent. Because they resisted Christianity, the native people were labeled as ‘savages.’ Treaties with them were broken; the land they lived on was taken, and they were pushed onto reservations.

Before the nation was founded, racism was embraced in the form of slavery. To work the land newly stolen from the natives, wealthy Whites purchased Africans — kidnapped and brought to our shores — in shackles.

When the nation was founded, racism was ignored during the writing the Constitution. The Framers of the Constitution refused to address the issue of slavery for fear of losing Southern states in their goal to establish a nation of states.

After it was founded, racism led to a Civil War.

After the war, racism led to Jim Crow laws and the KKK.

During the 20th century, even after fighting in World War II, racism kept Black men from voting, living where they wanted, or a fair education.

During Vietnam, racism led to more Blacks being sent to war while wealthy whites secured deferments.

Today, Black Men are killed by racist police. Innocent Black Men.

Munshots for Unsplash

America was founded on racism, not Christianity, as many wrongly declare.

If we can face this truth, and can re-educate ourselves, starting with the American Christian church correcting the White Jesus myth, we might be able to root it out.

But it’s not likely: White Men have run this nation since its inception, and are willing to do anything and everything to hold onto that power.

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